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Michelle Parkin – soon to be a Snowdonia Marathon runner

I am Michelle. A mother, a wife, a feminist and soon to be marathon runner!


I took up running a year and a half ago and have since run a few half marathons, I had said I would never do a marathon, until a friend suggested I enter a competition to win entry to the Snowdonia marathon. I entered and won!


I’m writing this the day after my 20 mile training run, the longest run I will be doing before the marathon and oh my goodness do I ache?! The run itself was a mix of emotions, I felt elated at times and like I could conquer the world, at others I was ready to quit. At around mile 14 I stopped running and said to my husband who’d joined me for half of the run, that I was giving up, walking home and never running again! A minute or so later I was running again, declaring my love for it and chatting away about how awesome I am for doing this!


Before I won the competition I was running quite regularly but not actively training for anything, my long run at the weekend was around 4 or 5 miles, so I really have had to train hard for this. I increased my weekly long run by a couple of miles each week, had some wonderful experiences, trail running through nettles and bushes, some runs where my legs felt like I was running through treacle and some long runs that became very short runs, one of my 10 miles became a 2 mile!


The marathon is now just a little over 5 weeks away and I’m feeling excited! It is going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, it’s going to hurt a lot, it’s going to be incredibly challenging both physically and mentally but it’s going to be incredible. I’m ready for it, I can do this!


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