Oct | 10

Emily O’Regan’s countdown to the Snowdonia Marathon

The mileage is getting bigger, legs are getting tired but the excitement is building. I’m counting down the days to the Snowdonia marathon. It’s daunting but exciting as I have no idea what I am letting myself in for to be honest. It’s always been on my bucket list to do it after watching on the television, so when I won a place I was thrilled. My head just wasn’t in a place to run Dublin again. I like a challenge and this is what was handed to me.


The training has been going well with hill reps and tempos, long slow runs and quick short runs. I tend to train alone when the kids go to school as it suits me and I know there are people around if I need assistance. Some days you

Just don’t want to run, you just are not feeling it but those days are few and far between but actually they are the best runs as they prove that you can do it.


I had entered Dingle marathon early on in the year before Snowdonia so I stuck to my guns and turned up at the start line even though I wasn’t feeling it. It rained for the whole 26.2 miles but it was the most amazing run I have ever done. The scenery was unbelievable even in the rain and wind and the American tourists were out and about cheering us on. It was a tough course uphill and downhill then uphill again. I needed medical assistance for chaffing on my arms at mile 23. I had them strapped at the top of the mountain and I got on my way again.


Speed was not on the cards for me as I wanted it as a training run and was aiming for 5 hours. I was surprised to get in at 4.45.


I’ll be having rest and more rest for a few days and then back to tapering a few light miles to get the body moving again. I can say I actually wanted to get back out again, the legs will start to feel it now again as the mileage is hitting the big 20-23 for the next 2 weeks. The long short runs are up at 10 miles so it’s all about fuelling the body to get the most out of it. Even though I just want to eat the house after a long slow run. I’ll be getting plenty of sleep and carbs for the next few weeks in preparation for the big day.


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