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Coach ID 2016 round up

2016 saw the first year of the Brooks Coach ID program in the UK. The Inspire Daily program has been running across the pond in the US for a number of years and now has over 600 coaches enrolled in the program. For year one we enrolled 34 coaches from across the UK and Ireland to reward them for all they do in their local running communities and help support their local clubs.

These coaches are all hugely inspiring individuals who give up their own time to help athletes be the best they can be. They go to the lengths of the Earth to help them reach their goals both on and off the track. Throughout the year we’ve seen some amazing stories shared from coaches and athletes alike. All of them pushing the boundaries with their running and achieving incredible results.

Peter Boxshall

They have all been winners across the board but one coach who has really stood out is Peter Boxshall (Kent AC). Peter recently won the London Athletics Coach of the Year! To echo their recognition, Peter is a coach who constantly goes above and beyond for his athletes and club. Regardless of runners’ ability and background, Peter is always present to support them and active in local initiatives that ensure juniors have the opportunity to participate and compete who would not otherwise have access to athletics.

It’s not just the ID Coaches who have been inspirational this year.

The athletes under their eagle eyes have also been inspiring us. Shane Smith (Kettering Town Harriers) has been a huge advocator of Brooks and extremely engaged with the brand.

Emily Williams

One of his athletes Emily Williams is a name we’ve seen throughout 2016 whose achievements this year include winning the Junior Girls English Schools National Cross Country title, team gold at the British School Champs in Falkirk and double gold at the Northants County Championships to name a few!

Emily was also one of our product wear testers for the Hyperion and since having these shoes she’s set the fastest time in the U15G race, winning a gold medal and securing the national title at the ERRA National Road Relays. Similarly, Paul MacGregor (Guildford & Godalming AC) saw Georgie Hermitage to a double Gold in Rio!

Georgie Hermitage

Each coach has their own unique approach and to get a different insight into our ID Coaches we asked their athletes what their Coach’s words of wisdom were. Shireen Higgins’ (WSEH) athlete Becky Pope shared these words of Shireen’s and we couldn’t agree more! “Never give up, because if you keep believing and trying, anything can happen”.

Shireen Higgins

As the program continues into 2017 Brooks will continue to work with inspirational coaches and supporting their incredible work at grass roots. We will be supporting a selection of the most motivational coaches in the UK & Ireland by providing them not only with kit but with strong retail partnerships and unique Brooks experiences. Brooks will also look to increase the support for the athletes associated with the ID coaches through wear test opportunities and educational and run happy Brooks events.


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