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Jan | 30
Inspiration, Running Tips

10 Songs to Run Happy To

What tracks are on your playlist? Reggae, classic rock or rap? Beyond just making a tough run brighter, research studies suggest that music can help you run faster and increase your endurance. What tracks do you listen to while on the run?   Push it to the Limit – Paul Engemann Bone Symphony – One Foot In… Read more »


Jan | 2
Brooks Athletes, Events, Running Tips

Made in Detroit: Looking Back with Olympic Trials Favorite Desi Davila

Passion? Heart? Discover what makes Hanson-Brooks Athlete and Olympic Trials favorite Desi Davila hungry for the Olympic Marathon Trials. Brooks and Flotrack are releasing new behind-the-scenes videos from our Hanson-Brooks team leading up the US Olympic Trails in Houston on January 14. In the coming days we will be rolling out videos featuring other Hanson-Brooks… Read more »


Aug | 31
Running Tips, Shoes & Gear

Which PureProject Shoe is Right for You?

Can’t decide which PureProject shoe is right for you? As Brooks has developed the PureProject line, our goal is to create a lightweight shoe for every unique stride. The PureProject line contains four shoes: the PureConnect, PureFlow, PureCadence, and PureGrit. Each of the four shoes is designed for a different type of runner. Below is… Read more »


Aug | 5
Running Tips, Shoes & Gear

PureProject: Your Questions Answered

While our new, lightweight PureProject shoes will be in stores beginning 10/1, pre-order of the PureConnect, PureFlow, PureCadence and PureGrit began yesterday at Thank you for all your excitement and comments. Let me answer a few of your questions below. 1. How can I pre-order PureProject shoes? We are currently taking pre-orders for all… Read more »