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If you run, you’re a runner…self-defined or not

To All Who Run,

I recently made a comment about running that is triggering some conversation in the press and I want to clarify any misconception. I discussed how runners are taking part in a variety of different activities and aren’t always defined by one thing. This created a discussion about what it means to be a runner and I want to clarify my perspective. The following is what I believe in my core and which is the foundation of who we are as a brand:

1. If you run, you’re a runner.

2. Running is the most inclusive sport the world has ever known and welcomes everyone regardless of your mileage, how often you run or what motivates you.

3. Whether you run competitively to break the tape, run to clear your mind or run for any other reason, the sport of running is here to welcome you.

For 16 years, our core purpose at Brooks Running has been to inspire everyone to run and be active because the run truly makes your day and life better. We wake up every day, and will continue waking up every day, with the purpose of making the run more fun and accessible for all.

Run Happy,

Jim Weber

  1. Jurgen

    Hi Jim, thanks for the clarification/correction. It is a bit difficult to correlate this post with your Bloomberg interview. Were you misquoted or did you change your mind? Either is fine, but it would be good to know.

  2. A. James

    Jim, Nice try to recover from your stupid and offensive comments, but you can’t just pretend that you didn’t say what you did in the Bloomberg interview. I will not be buying any Brooks shoes. Other companies appreciate the business of all types of athletes. And Berkshire Hathaway, the owner of your company, should consider replacing you.

  3. Littledipper

    I came here from the newyorktimes running section to read Mr. Weber’ statement.
    Been running for 30+ years a majority of that time wearing Brooks, and I run for my health. And the reality is that I’m a jogger not participating in a ‘sport’ and even when I do my 5-hour marathon, it’s about health maintenance and weight control. Mr. Weber’s Bloomberg interview was actually thought provoking.

  4. Brian Berner


    No need to back down. I agree with your original statement. I have participated in 5 half marathons. I am not fast nor slow (PR = 1:38:10, or 7:29/mile) but I do not consider myself a runner.

    People can call me whatever they want, but unless I am getting paid to run then I’m not a runner. And running is NOT a sport in the sense of Major league spectator sports in the US (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey). No one watches running for fun or has running Fantasy leagues.

    I’m not wearing Brooks shoes until they look cool (Nike Frees & Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% for me), but I stand with your original statements especially for the internal purposes of defining and selling to a market of potential customers.

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