Sep | 29

Show Your Infinite Energy and join the #BrooksChallenge

The launch of the Levitate has all of us energized and excited to go run. In fact, we’re feeling so much of the Infinite Energy the shoe gives that we want to challenge you to the #BrooksChallenge.

All you have to do is lace up your shoes, grab your phone and go, go, go!

Post a photo or video of you tackling an energizing running challenge, tagging #BrooksChallenge and @brooksrunning, and we’ll have one of our very own Brooks Running employees match you within 24-ish (emphasis on the “ish”) hours to celebrate the Run Happy spirit and community through a friendly face-off. In case you need inspiration, here are a few suggestions below, which you can consider challenges.

The #BrooksChallenge is on. You in?

  • Run at sunrise and sunset- on the same day
  • Run backwards for a mile
  • Run while pushing someone who is not able to run
  • Run to the highest point in your city, or country, or continent
  • Run to work. And just keep going. Do not worry. We will send an apology note
  • Run across a border
  • Run to pick someone up for a date
  • Run your longest run ever (time or distance)
  • Run a route that creates an infinity sign on a map
  • Run out to get a bottle of wine
  • Run to see someone to apologize
  • Run with as many dogs on leashes as possible
  • Run until you pass 100_____ (stop signs, blue cars, cows, dogs, etc.)
  • Run to all of your meetings for the day or week
  • Run Happy

In the unlikely case that we cannot match your run, we will send you something to show the world that your Infinite Energy has exceeded ours.

About Derek
I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.