Aug | 21
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The ‘GABE’ Documentary

Gabriele Grunewald is one of our long-time sponsored runners. Her speed, grace, and grit on the track have never failed to impress, and those qualities describe Gabe just as well in her life beyond the track. Now, as she battles cancer for the fourth time, she is drawing on that strength and a deep well of positivity to continue running while going through treatment. In the process, she has inspired the running world, uniting competitors in their respect and love for her and showing everyone what it means to persevere through even the most challenging circumstances.

This matters to Brooks. We believe running is not all about finish times, or starting lines. Running connects us to each other, bonds us as communities, and provides refuge and release during personal struggles.

Gabe is a runner, and we love to watch her race. But even more, we love the spirit with which she approaches life, encountering both the good and bad with grace, a smile and  fierce determination. In supporting her both on and off the track, we honor her strength and that of the human spirit through the ‘GABE’ documentary.  Watch the full video below:

Gabe shows us that we have the strength to endure tests we choose for ourselves, and ones we’re faced with unexpectedly. Like Gabe, we can choose to step up and face those tests with a refusal to back down, a positive spirit, and the hope that others will feel supported and inspired in their own personal journeys.

Let’s face our struggles with strength. Let’s find inspiration in each other.

Let’s be brave like Gabe.



You can learn more about Gabe, find a local screening of ‘GABE’ and get details on how to donate to Gabe’s medical expenses here.


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