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Join the Brooks Big Endorsement and Become an Endorsed Athlete!

Most runners never see the big money, fame, and glamorous lifestyle given to athletes of other sports. We want to change that by endorsing runners of all types. Slow, fast, new to the sport, or longtime veterans, Brooks believes in giving you the fame and recognition you deserve.

Today, in honor of Global Running Day, we’re launching the Big Endorsement, the biggest athletic endorsement deal in history. We’re signing runners of all speeds and abilities and inviting everyone to be part of Brooks and get out and run—whatever that means to you.

Sign up now at BrooksAthlete.com.

When you register, you’ll get exclusive access to training and nutrition resources, many of which were developed by Brooks’ own coaches Danny Mackey and Keith and Kevin Hanson. You’ll get your very own athlete card to share online including your Brooks athlete number. You’ll of course get your signed endorsement deal and lastly, you’ll get a check that you can cash for $1.00 (for runners in the U.S. and Canada)!

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This could be you!

Really, the biggest payoff is signing your own personal endorsement deal, and knowing that Brooks celebrates your dedication to the run so much that we’re willing to officially endorse you as a member of our team.

Head to BrooksAthlete.com now to register and make it to the big time today.

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