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National Fitness Month: The Full Body Runner’s Workout

Are you a GOAL DIGGER?  I don’t know about you, but when I’m done with one goal, I start in on the next one! Having a set goal is what keeps me motivated day in and day out. My workouts mean more when I’m striving for a specific goal, but if you’re anything like me, I sometimes have a hard time finding time in my busy schedules to workout. When you are working towards a specific goal – it can help your workouts stay focused and meaningful. It doesn’t take much to get a great workout in, and every short workout will continue to add up over time and snowball into awesome results. So, even if you only have 30 minutes – make the most of it!  You can get a great workout with minimal equipment and body weight.

This workout is something that I put together that you can do anywhere – all you need is a chair or bench. For your runners out there – it is important to strengthen your legs and core, but this is a challenging little full body workout. Since my specific goals usually have to do with running, when I do strength, I love doing exercises that mimic running to help strengthen those specific muscles and movements, so I’ve added in a few of those as well. This is a total body workout that’s sure to get a sweat going! If you get all of the way through it and need a little more – do it again backwards (I dare you).

Start with a 5 minute warm-up. I like to jog 1/2 mile to wake all of my muscles and heart up.

1. 100 High knees (double count)

2. 90 Second plank on hands

Make sure you stay in a nice, straight line and engage your glutes, quads and abs.  You will feel this all over!  Don’t drop your knees to the ground!  Fight it and hang on for 90 seconds!

3. 80 Russian twists

I like to keep my legs out straight slightly lifted off of the ground to fire the quads with my elbows bent at my chest and touch each elbow to the ground.  Stay focused on your abs doing the work and don’t let your arms take over.

4. 70 Mountain climbers

In a plank position on your hands, pull one knee in towards your chest bring it back and repeat with the other leg.

5. 60 Plyo X squats

Jump up with your hands up in the air and land down in a plyo squat taking your right hand to your left foot.  Jump back up and land down touching your left hand to right foot.  Make sure your knees don’t turn in.

6. 50 Tricep dips

On a bench or chair – keep your elbows squeezed straight back and legs straight making sure that when you dip you bend at the elbows.  If you need to modify by making it easier – bend your knees slightly.

7. 40 Power lunge-ups

Do 20 each leg, or if you’re crazy do 40!  Start in a lunge position and with the leg that is back – power up with a jump bringing your knee to your chest and land back in the lunge.

8. 30 Push-ups

Put your legs on the bench for decline pushups to give yourself a little more of a challenge.

9. 20 Box squats on a bench or chair

Stand in front of the bench and jump high landing lightly on both feet evenly in a squat position.

10. 10 Burpee with a jump lunge

Burpee all the way down to the ground or pus-hup and then jump lunge with both legs.

Whether it’s to run a marathon or PR a race –  having something to work towards will really help you stay focused not only on the goal itself, but also in your workouts leading up to your goal.  Ask yourself – is there something you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t done yet?  What is holding you back?  Believe me – you can do ANYTHING if you 1. Want it badly enough and 2. Do it the right way. I went from never setting a foot on a track until last year to PRing a marathon and qualifying and running the Boston Marathon 2017  in less than a year!

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Megan Conner is a personal trainer, a Fleet Feet Nashville race team member and a singer. She has spent over 16 years in the fitness industry and is currently based in Nashville, TN. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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