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Brooks’ Gray Lady Adrenaline GTS 17 Takes New York’s Five Boroughs

To celebrate a world-class race in a world-class city, Brooks introduces the limited-edition “Gray Lady” Adrenaline GTS 17. Done up in world-class newspaper style, it pays tribute to the five famous boroughs of New York on the outside, and has a fun crossword-puzzle-themed insole as a nod to the famous paper that is synonymous with the city.

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The shoe goes on sale at New York City running stores and online at brooksrunning.com starting Oct. 21. So while you’re putting in miles and waiting to slip your feet into these, enjoy a brief history of New York City’s five boroughs to get you excited and ready for this year’s New York City Marathon.

Manhattan got its name from the original Lenape name, Manna-hata, which means “island of many hills.” It was first used as long ago as 1609, and even appeared on maps from around that time. And if you ever order a Manhattan in a bar and it comes with a Maraschino cherry, leave that bar and never go back.

The borough of Brooklyn was settled by the Dutch and the name comes from the town of Breukelen in the Netherlands. Breukelen is very small and quite lovely but Brooklyn has a basketball team. Choose wisely.

Dutch settler Jonas Bronck got there first so he got to name The Bronx after himself, more or less. Though he had a farm there, the name comes from Bronck’s River, now called the Bronx River, which really makes us want to go for a swim, or do some cold-water therapy after a run.

In a rare break from Dutch hegemony, the borough of Queens was named for the Queen of England, Catherine of Braganza, the wife of King Charles II. Archie Bunker lived there and we’re all glad it isn’t called Bunkerville.

And tying it all together is Staten Island, named by Englishman Henry Hudson who worked for the Dutch East India Company. We’re just glad they all worked together on this one.

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The Gray Lady Adrenaline GTS 17 will be available for men and women in NYC running stores and online at brooksrunning.com beginning Oct. 21 for $130. It will also be at the Brooks booth at the NYC Marathon Expo.

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