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Running Wardrobe Staples: Everyday Basics Every Female Runner Needs

The following is a guest blog from Dorothy Beal of Mile Posts.

New to running and looking to build your running wardrobe? Check out my must-have basics!

Running Wardrobe Staples: Every Day Basics Every Female Runner Needs dorothy raceTight Black Shorts

When I started running the last thing I wanted to do was squeeze my legs in to tight shorts. Tight in my mind equaled showing off things that I didn’t really like. Fast forward to the finish line of my first marathon and I realized that had I not been self-conscious about my thighs I wouldn’t have spent have the race picking the wedgie that my flower print split shorts gave me. My favorite tight black shorts from Brooks are the Women’s Greenlight 3-inch Running Short Tight. They come in a 7-inch option is well if you are looking for more coverage!

Loose Black Shorts

While I often find that tighter shorts are more comfortable for me in the long run, there are those days that I’d rather wear something a bit more modest and flowy. I follow the same fashion rule that I use for my non-running clothes when picking out what to wear on a run. When wearing something tight on the bottom I prefer something a bit looser on top. When going loose on the bottom I gravitate towards something tighter on top. While some runners don’t care what their gear looks like on a run {I’ve been there, too}, I found that over the years I perform better and feel less self-conscious when I like my outfit. The Chaser 3-inch Running Shorts are my favorites from Brooks! The fact that they come in a 5-inch and 7-inch options make them my go-to-shorts year round.

Black Capris

When fall rolls around, I often prefer something a little longer like a pair of capris. This gives me the option of wearing a tank top on top and gloves if it’s extra chilly. Black capris are also great for the gym where I would prefer not to worry about if you can see up my shorts! The Brooks Greenlight Running Capris are my favorite from their line for a variety of reasons. First, the ruching on the lower leg gives them a bit of girly flair without screaming “hello I like to look cute while working out!” Second, the flat waist band makes them flattering on the waist even on the most bloated of days. Third, they are reversible!! Okay before you judge, I hear you – I’ve never had a pair of reversible anything that actually looked good on both sides. These capris aren’t a gimmick, I frequently wear mine on either side and they are both comfortable and cute!

Black Leggings

Leggings have been and always will be a solid addition to any woman’s closet. Some of us won’t wear them out of the house while others wear them everywhere. Count me in the everywhere group. Once upon a time, I wore cheap leggings because I figured hey a pair of black leggings is a pair of black leggings. That lasted until I realized that after a couple of washes my favorite leggings were completely see through. These days, I wear my running leggings as part of my everyday clothing as well as when I run and do other activities like yoga, pilates and hiking. Consider nice black leggings an investment in both your personal and fitness wardrobe! My favorites from Brooks are the Greenlight Running Tights. They are the longer version of the Greenlight Running Capris and I like them for all the same reasons.

Racerback Tank

Racerback tanks are my personal favorites because they allow your arms to move naturally while running. They are great for the summer time but also the perfect layering piece for the fall and winter. I prefer longer tanks that don’t ride up while I’m running and those that can be tucked in come winter. I typically go for the solid color when picking out tanks because of the versatility a solid color gives me, but occasionally, I’ll mix in a stripe or a pattern. My favorite from Brooks happens to be one of my all-time favorites from any brand, the Pick Up Tank! I wore the black with sparkle version out with friends last week and the white stripe one on a run this morning – it’s one of the most versatile tanks I own!

Half Zip Long Sleeve

Layering is your friend when it comes to running. Fall runs start out chilly but can quickly heat up. A half zip long sleeve with a tank underneath gives you the option of unzipping to let in some cooler air, taking it off and tying it around your waist or keeping it on and zipped the entire time if it’s cold to start with and stays cold the entire time. The Dash 1/2 Zip is the perfect weight for fall while also being warm enough come winter time when layered with a lightweight water-resistant jacket!

Lightweight Water Resistant Jacket

Lightweight jackets are definitely worth more than they weigh! They’re perfect for spring rain storms or breezy fall days. When winter rolls around, layer them with your favorite tank, lone sleeve and gloves or mittens and the weather won’t stop you from running. I’m currently liking the Brooks LSD Running Jacket because not only is it water-resistant, but it’s also windproof, making it my go-to top layer for late fall, early winter weather.

About Dorothy

dorothy beal brooks running, brooks blogger dorothy beal, dorothy beal running gear essentials, dorothy beal guest blogDorothy Beal started running as a way to lose weight both literally and figuratively. It wasn’t love at first run but she stuck with it and completed her first marathon in 2003. The day she crossed the finish line of that race she was forever changed. Running was no longer something she had to do but something she GOT to do! 31 marathons later she considers running one of the things she loves most behind her three children. You can find her sharing her fitness and running journey on her blog Mile Posts, sharing her life in pictures on instagram @mileposts, and tweeting almost as much as she runs on twitter @mileposts. Her personal mission is to help empower and inspire men and women love their runner’s body through her #IHaveARunnersBody social MOVEment campaign. 

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