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Run Signature: Exploring the Cushion Experience

There’s only one you. And your unique running style. With Run Signature, Brooks assesses the way your body naturally runs and offers the right shoe to fit your run, your way.

And when it comes to your way, the experience you want to run, you have options. In fact, you have four: Cushion, Energize, Connect and Speed. They’re four distinct ways of experiencing the run and it’s your choice which one (or more than one), you run in.  This month, we’re exploring each experience and what makes it unique so you can learn more about what to expect and what shoes fall in each category.

This week, we’re looking at the Cushion experience. Cushion is all about soft and protective shoes to cushion your every step. The experience encompasses a lot of shoes for Brooks, but some of the traits they all encompass include being soft, plush, generous and accommodating. For people who want to float through their run and feel like each step glides effortlessly, these shoes are for you.

Our friend Julie Stackhouse had this to say about her Cushion shoes the Glycerin 14s’: “I love my daily training runs in my Brooks Glycerins, they are the perfect training partners. At 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. and everything in between. They cushion the blow with each step I take, willing me to go faster, farther than the day before and enabling me to train 70 mile weeks consistently on any terrain. They are my solemates and they look sharp, too!”

Remember that with Run Signature, you choose the experience; you won’t be prescribed a single shoe model that works for you. Once you determine how your body wants to run and the degree of support you need, you choose the experience you want on the run.

If you crave the Cushion experience, check out this season’s lineup below.

You can shop women’s Cushion shoes here and men’s Cushion shoes here.

Not sure what kind of support you need or what kind of experience would be right for you? Start by learning more about Run Signature and use our Shoe Finder here. Also, check back on the blog each week this month to learn more about the other Run Signature categories. Lastly, look for our Run Signature app that will analyze how you run at big marathon expos like Boston and London and also at the Run Signature Mobile Tour stops in the U.S. Here is a list of the rest of this year’s Run Signature Mobile Tour stops.

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