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Find the Run Signature Mobile Tour at an Event Near You

Run Signature is our way of helping you find your favorite shoe.

Find the Run Signature Mobile Tour at an Event Near You treadmillWe start with cutting edge biomechanics science and technology to understand how your body wants to run. Then, we empower you to choose the experience you want on the run (soft and protective, responsive and springy, lightweight and flexible or fast and built for speed). We offer Run Signature in many ways, but the best way to experience it is through our own Run Signature app that will analyze how you run.

We’re in the process of giving you more and more opportunities to experience Run Signature as time goes on. You can visit our Trailhead store in Seattle or find us at big marathon expos (we debuted Run Signature at the Boston Marathon this year!) to go through the app yourself. But, if you’re not in Seattle or won’t be at Boston, you can find our Run Signature Mobile Tour at events around the country.

Here are the rest of our event stops this year. We’ll also visit running stores in between these dates, so keep an eye out for those updates soon.

  • Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo (Philadelphia), Sept. 16-17
  • Akron Marathon Expo (Akron, Ohio), Sept. 23
  • Akron Marathon (Akron, Ohio), Sept. 24
  • MO Cowbell Marathon Expo (Charleston, Mo.), Sept. 30- Oct. 1
  • MO Cowbell Marathon (Charleston, Mo.), Oct. 2
  • Army 10-Miler Expo (Washington, D.C.), Oct. 7-8
  • Detroit Marathon Expo (Detroit), Oct. 14-15
  • Grand Rapids Marathon Expo (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Oct. 22
  • Grand Rapids Marathon (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Oct. 23
  • Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo (Savannah, Ga.), Nov. 3-4
  • Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo (Las Vegas), Nov. 10-12
  • Route 66 Marathon Expo (Tulsa, Okla.), Nov. 18-19
  • Route 66 Marathon (Tulsa, Okla.), Nov. 20
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