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Introducing the limited edition Cascadia 2189


Inspired by Brooks ultra-runner Scott Jurek’s Appalachian Trail speed record, we’re launching the limited edition Cascadia 2189 to celebrate the endless possibilities every run holds and the potential every runner has to achieve their own goals. The shoe honors accomplishment of all types and the ability everyone has to test their limits and reach new heights.

This unique shoe reimagines the award-winning Cascadia 11 and adds elements from Scott’s Appalachian Trail record including a gold outline of the trail, Scott’s signature on the heel and custom webbing that commemorates the 2,189 miles of the trail for which the shoe is named. Each shoe features an outsole made with recycled rubber from shoes Scott wore during his speed record and each insole is numbered identifying it as one of the limited batch of 2,189 pairs.

It goes on sale the U.S. on July 29 for $160. Learn more about the Cascadia 2189 here. For every pair of the Cascadia 2189 sold, Brooks will donate $5 to the National Park Foundation to help enhance parks and protect outdoor spaces.

Visit the Cascadia 2189 page here to enter for a chance to win a pair and to buy your own starting July 29. 

cascadia 2189

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