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Behind the Laces

Behind the Laces: Brooks Neuro Review

Neuro. If you are a science geek like me, you know that this term relates to nerves. (Or for those who had a crush on McDreamy, the Neurosurgeon on Grey’s Anatomy, you know it also relates to the brain.) When Brooks Running came out with a shoe named the Neuro, I was immediately intrigued.

The first thing I did was look at the overall design of the shoe. I noticed that the pattern of the shoe followed its name, looking like a set of connected neurons. Add in the “brain-like” feature of the sole, including Propulsion Pods, and I couldn’t help but think that Brooks knocked this theme out of the park!

The Neuro is built for speed, as a shoe in the Speed experience. The shoe is extremely lightweight, similar to the more minimal PureProject shoes. To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting this as the sole looks much heavier than it actually is! In terms of the design, the laces can be tightened to provide a second-skin fit thanks to the hammock system of lacing. It took a few adjustments, especially since I’m used to a little more support from the Launch, but I was able to secure the right fit before take-off.

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What I was most interested to experience were the Propulsion Pods. After all, the look of the shoe is what drew me in! Through a few runs, I noticed the cushioning the Neuro provided, along with efficiency of a lighter weight shoe. The rounded heel centralizes the impact of running to minimize stress on joints. In fact, the heel and toe even engage independently for a great push off because of the unique Gearing Mechanism! Anything that makes me a more efficient runner, without having to think about it, is a win in my book.

While I continue to train for a marathon, the Neuro is a great option for the short to mid-distance runs where I focus on speed. The design of the shoe provides a bit of support, while also reacting to the road to help me achieve the paces I am working toward. I’m really looking forward to putting the Neuro to the test this summer when I switch from endurance to speed!

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