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Top Creatives Talk About Their #Run4Ideas

We all have running routines that put us in a “Run Happy” rhythm. Whether avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, counting strides or listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast, it’s also important to take a step back, breathe and let your imagination run. This is why we introduced “Idea Runs” — a fresh, new way to approach a run that’s not just good for the body, but good for the brain too!

To kick off this new initiative last week, we partnered with a handful of creative folks to lead our first ever “Idea Runs” down in Austin during SXSW. Each #Run4Ideas posed a new challenge for runners to think about. The result was inspiring, and here’s more about the experience.

Top Creatives Talk About Their Run4Ideas how to

Brendan Lowry, Marketing Director at Curalate, encouraged runners to identify one thing to edit from their life for the better. To Brendan, running is “the perfect time to be intentional about thinking through my daily habits, and determining what I can or should be doing to stay more focused.” On his Idea Run, he decided he would no longer check email when he first wakes up in the morning.

Our partners at Charity Miles were moved by the “city at sunrise, with a group of people channeling their energy on the same thing.” They found inspiration in a “living” graffiti wall on an abandoned building along their route where local artists build on each other’s work every day. It was a great reminder that a group provides a powerful environment to use the “hive mind” to your advantage!

As the Idea Runs continued, the concept evolved. Joah Spearman of Localeur truly experienced the full potential of what an Idea Run can do, and noted the benefits of “getting in a quality workout while also stimulating my brain.” It spawned his new idea “to build a ‘suggested running route for visitors’ into Localeur that has a recommended set of runs from local runners.” How awesome is that!

Going on an Idea Run isn’t just for organized events like SXSW. It’s an initiative we plan to continue throughout this year, because you can go for a run and find inspiration any day. Mike Rothman of Fatherly says it best, “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come not just to enjoy running but to practically rely on the activity as a source of daily inspiration.”

We challenge you to set a focus and #Run4Ideas on your next run! Remember to report back by using the #Run4Ideas hashtag. We can’t wait to hear what you think about.

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