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Infographic: Brooks Elite 2015 Races By the Numbers

Last year was a big one for runners everywhere. We woke up early many days of the year to run (maybe not as many as we would have liked), we set goals and acheived them, we ran 5Ks and mud runs and marathons and everything in between and even not between and we raced! 2015 was one for the books, and to cap it all off before we get too far into 2016, we’re taking a look back at how Brooks Runners including the Brooks Beasts Track Club and Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project raced.

Dissecting every step they took in their races throughout the year, we found some pretty interesting numbers. For example, Brooks runners raced for a total time of more than 3 days. That’s quite the ultra! They also covered more than the driving distance between Seattle and San Francisco. Incredible!

Check out the numbers below, and, be sure to wish everyone good luck as they dig into training for the U.S. Olympic Marathon and Track Trials coming up this February and July, respectively.

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