Sep | 21

Behind the Seams: The Brooks Moving Comfort UpRise and Uplift Crossback Bras

We understand that the right sports bra is just as important as the right pair of running shoes. A sports bra should be transformative; providing shape, comfort and support that empower female runners to take on each workout with confidence.

We also know that active women come in all shapes and sizes and her needs and preferences are unique to her. This continuum of preferences led us to create three distinct experience-based collections: Secure, Stabilize and Control. Whatever her needs, we’ve got a sports bra for her.

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This season, we debut two new bras in the Stabilize category: the UpRise and UpLift Crossback Bras. In the UpRise and UpLift, we introduce a new lightweight, perforated cup that’s not only more breathable, it dries quicker! To achieve the best fit and support, we utilize a universal cup shape that captures the natural shape of the breast, offering support through encapsulation and compression. This means you’ll get natural shape and great support without the dreaded uniboob!

The UpRise Crossback was crafted specifically with the A & B cupped runner in mind. Petite straps, a fully adaptable bottom band, contoured cup in a lightweight pullover package make this the perfect for her.

The UpLift Crossback utilizes the same universal shape with tweaks to the straps and the bottom band closure to accommodate the larger C & D cupped runner. A secure J-hook back closure makes it easier to get on and off after a sweaty workout.

Our bra creation process spans more than 18 months and requires input from  team members from design, pattern making, biomechanics testing and fitting before our bras hit the shelves. Try one of these on at your local running store or shop them now on


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