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Brooks Employees Share How They Celebrate Run@Work Day

We run a lot at work here at Brooks, but this Friday, we’re especially excited to lace up and layer up for the annual Run@Work Day. The Road Runners Club of America started the day to encourage people to get 30 minutes of exercise a day, and we’re all in for that.

To help you get run-ready this year, we asked three Brooks employees how they make time to run at work.

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Rick rallies his team at Brooks’ Centennial Relay.

I look at my calendar on Sunday for the upcoming week and have to literally put a run on my calendar in order to make sure I get one in for each day.  New for me in the last couple of months, however, is I have a bi-weekly meeting with a coworker at 3 p.m. every other Monday, and I scheduled our check- in to be a run. This at least allows me the freedom not to have to worry about a Monday run when I am viewing my calendar on Sunday night, as every other Monday is taken care of!

Rick Wilhelm
VP of Specialty Sales

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Heather (right) and Director of Global Communications Erin Krause snap a selfie at Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland.

Finding time to run at work isn’t always easy — even at a running company. I like to sneak it in during one-on-one meetings with my team. We also just started a Monthly Moving Marketing Meeting where our entire team runs together to a pub where we can be refreshed and connect.

Heather Snavely
Sr. Director of Global Brand Marketing

wood guy
  1. 1. Run first thing in the morning before the chaos starts.  Those lunch/afternoon plans to run often get derailed because you get “busy.”
  2. 2. Whenever you do run…plan to run the same time every day. Make it a routine.
  3. 3. Block the time to run out on your calendar. Make it the most important “meeting” of the day.
  4. 4. Run with someone regularly. It’s easy to blow off a run alone, but hard to bail on someone else.
  5. 5. Have a training schedule…even better if it is for an event. It is too easy to skip a run if you are not training for anything.

Thomas Ross
VP of Strategic Planning & Business Analytics, Strategy and Forecasting

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Will you celebrate Run@Work Day this Friday? Raise your hand in the comments below.

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