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Run Happy Fun Facts

Remember when you would lift the label of your Laffy Taffy to discover a fun fact?! Today we’re presenting you with whole list of fun facts (approximately, 14 Laffy Taffy’s worth) about our awesome community. That’s right, we asked and you answered!

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About Melissa
In my past life, I was a collegiate runner. Now, I happily run in Brooks Ravennas or Ghosts. If all my running shoes were turquoise in color, I would not complain.
  1. Harmony Wallender

    Racerback sports bras are awesome! Until you run and bike in them all summer long and gain a really odd tan line that will never leave. 🙁

  2. Michelle Lewis Clark

    Why did you change the back of the shoe in Ghost 8? They dig into me and now I’ll have to find a different shoe to run in. So disappointed. I returned them after my 5 mile run. I’ve ran in Ghost shoes for years and Ghost 8 was 1/2 inch higher in back than all my other Ghost shoes. Not a good change.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Michelle- We’re sorry the Ghost 8 isn’t working for you. The new Engineered Mesh could mean you’re feeling the shoe differently than before. We’d recommend trying a half-size larger or even stepping into the Glycerin. Get in touch with our customer service team so we can help you out. http://brks.co/customerservice

      • Michelle Lewis Clark

        I already went up a half size larger. The back of the shoe is actually 1/2 inch taller than the others. Why would you make it taller? When I put it next to my Ghost 7 and 6 and 5, the Ghost 8 was taller. I don’t want to try a different shoe after all these years of being in a Ghost shoe. I ordered 3 pairs of Ghost 7 from another site, those should last me a few months.

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