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Cascadia: 10 Years on the Trail

Ten years ago we launched a trail shoe called the Cascadia. Today, this trail-running shoe is the go-to for many a trail runner. The Cascadia tackles tricky terrain – say that five times fast – and has been the recipient of Runner’s World Editor’s Choice Award more than once (even more than twice).  In the Seattle area, we have quite a few trails that begged to be run on which inspired our footwear team to build this fantastic shoe. We, of course, love this shoe and have many runners express their love for the Cascadia to us. Here is one story from our run happy friend, Benji Zimmerman.

I’m just your average Joe: I am lucky to run 20 miles a week, I rarely race and I have only been a trail runner for the last 2 years. In June of 2014 I picked up a pair of Cascadia‬ shoes. I had heard good things that they could handle the terrain of the Southwest.

I wanted to write you a note today to say thank you for making such a great shoe. I have logged over 800 miles on lava rock, gravel, and sandstone. I have trudged through dried up creek beds and on big mountain ridges. I even crossed a few creeks and the occasional mud puddle. These shoes have taken a beating and they still keep giving.

In the next few weeks I will probably have to retire them but before I do I wanted to be sure to thank you for such a top notch product. These are by far and away the best pair of shoes I have owned in 10+ years of running. Thank you for helping me enjoy the journey.

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Collage created by Benj

In its 10th version, the Cascadia continues to help running get down and dirty on the trail. Now, allow us to geek out on the technology around this shoe. The 4-point pivot posts – now try that one five times fast – deliver a balance that is similar to an SUV’s independent suspension system. That means you don’t have to drive to the top of the mountain; you can run to the top! The decoupled outsole around pivots maximizes function and adaptability. And our amazing, fantastic, tried and true BioMoGo DNA…it offers customized cushioning as your conquer the unknowns of the trail.

There’s even more we could share but, really we want to hear from you. Whether you are new to the Cascadia or have logged many hours on the trails with a Cascadia, we want to hear your stories. Share with us at the comments below or tweet us a pic of you on the trail. We love to hear from you!


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