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Tune in to Celebrate National Fitness Month

Did you know it’s National Fitness month? To celebrate, we are using an everyday activity—watching the tele—as cross-training motivation. Strengthening muscles can help promote good running form and prevent injuries. We recommend close focus to your form to ensure you see a benefit. To get you started, we created circuit workouts to do while enjoying your favorite shows.

Step 1: Pick your evening television show and tune in.

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Wall Sit: Strengthen your quads, glutes and calves by bending your knees at 90-degrees with your back against the wall. Hold this position for forty seconds. BAM, you will conquer those hills with ease.

Jumping Jacks: You’ve been doing those since elementary school, right?!

Crunches: Really, really focus on keeping a flat back to engage your abdominals.

Pushups: Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Watch out for those elbows! Keep them tucked to your side just like you would in a race.



Squats: We all know how to sit in a chair. Approach this exercise as if you are going to sit in an invisible chair. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. While you’re bending closer to the ground keep your chest and shoulders upright. Always remember to push through your heels back to standing.

Mountain Climbers: Start by getting into push-up position then pretend to climb a mountain. Elbows to knees, runners!

Calf Raises: Embrace your internal ballerina. Rise up on your toes, pause, then return to the starting position.

Plank: We are not talking about the dead art form of planking for social purposes. This exercise is loved by some and hated by others, but undeniably beneficial to a runner’s form. Remember to pull your belly button to your spine to engage your core. You’ll thank us later.


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Burpees: This exercise is a combination move, but we know you’re prepped.  It’s takes a squat, to a plank, down into a push-up now you’re ready to jump up to complete this cross-training move.

Leg Lifts: Time to get on the ground, but not for a break.  Lie flat on your side; rest your lower arm under your head.  This move is all about control– think tortoise versus hare. Slowly lift your top leg up and bring back down.

Lunges: Repeat after us: knee over ankle, knee over ankle. Take a step forward, sink down and slowly rise to the top. Hellooo, booty boot camp.

Bicycle Abs:  It’s time to ride your bike, well sort of. Lie flat on the floor and pretend your feet are pushing the pedals. Rotate your elbows from knee-to-knee for great side obliques. Remember our previous tip and keep your back flat on the ground.


TV Workouts, Brooks TV Workouts

V-Ups: Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight in the air. Crunch up to your toes and roll back down.  Your body will make a “V” for victory!

Tricep Dips: Grip the edge of your couch and extend your legs in front of your body. Do an elbow dip and push back up.  1, 2, 3 your triceps be burning and your yearning for another set.

Sit-Ups: Welcome back to high school P.E.  Here’s where you gym teacher use to say, “Never pull your head forward with your hands.”

Reverse Lunges: Same as the first, but only in reverse. The motto is still: knee over ankle, knee over ankle. Booty boot camp part two.

Step 2: Ask a friend to join in your TV watching—cross-training extravaganza.

Step 3:  Comment below or tweet us to let us know you are joining in!

Step 4: Relax and hydrate with our Friday run movie drinking game.


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