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Running Tips

Spring Cleaning

Spring weather means spring cleaning is top of mind. So we put together a few spring cleaning tips of our own.

Tip 1: Give your running shoes a little tender love and care by giving them a good cleaning.  We recommend using laundry detergent, a bucket of water and a brush to clean off any stains.

Bonus: To dry your squeaky clean shoes, stuff them with newspaper or paper towels and set in a sunlit area.

Tip 2: Stop the stink in the hamper this spring season by giving your running gear a pre-rinse. After your run, jump in the shower with your running clothes still on.

Tip 3: No time for a pre-rinse? Let your running gear dry out before placing it in your hamper.

What are your spring cleaning traditions? Comment below or tweet us to let us know.

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In my past life, I was a collegiate runner. Now, I happily run in Brooks Ravennas or Ghosts. If all my running shoes were turquoise in color, I would not complain.

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