Mar | 26
Brooks Athletes, Running Tips

Stretching with Brooks Beast, Katie Mackey

Do you have trouble squeezing in a stretching routine and going for a run? We understand your time crunch pain.

Enter Brooks Beast, Katie Mackey‘s, expertise.  Watch this short video playlist to learn a simple ten minute stretching routine to help you loosen up for your run happy miles.

About Melissa
In my past life, I was a collegiate runner. Now, I happily run in Brooks Ravennas or Ghosts. If all my running shoes were turquoise in color, I would not complain.
  • Larry Dallas

    I am going to use the heck out of this routine. Not because I am pressed for time, but because I am super impatient and the less time I have to spend stretching the better. Thank you. And you are forgiven for shooting in portrait mode.

  • Kevin Michael

    The first “exercise” stretches the hips and she’s doing most of these WRONG! More negativity so watch out: Every fucking video starts with “Soooo.” I wanted to slap her.