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Our comeback kid: the Launch 2

Here’s a history lesson: a few years ago we stopped selling the Launch. Runners noticed. They let us know about their displeasure that we would discontinue this beloved shoe. Emails, phone calls, a #operationsavethelaunch campaign ensued on Twitter. How could we not take pause and listen to our community? We started producing more inventories in 2013 and now in 2015, we’ve launched (pun intended) the Launch 2. Five years after its first debut. Let’s learn what’s new about our own comeback kid.

We’ve taken everything you love about the original Launch neutral shoe and made it even awesomer (that is technically a word – in the urban dictionary at least). The Launch 2 stays true to its authentic technicality, fast transition, and incredible forefoot rebound but has been amplified with modern materials and an all-new look. We’ve introduced a no-sew upper that fits closer to your foot. You know how we like to geek out about technology sooooo….we bring you a BioMoGo DNA midsole that adapts to your weight, pace, gait, and running surface, offering customized cushioning and an added spring to your step. Our segmented crash pad customizes laydown and that, our friends, gives you a super smooth heel to toe transition.

Obviously, the fans of the Launch and Launch 2 are plentiful. We happen to have a super fan amongst us who when you say “Launch 2” to him immediately brightens with a smile and lights up. We’re talking about our Brooks Beast, Casimir Loxsom, who is an American Record holder in the indoor 600-meter.

We asked him what he thought about the Launch 2 and here was his answer: “It’s perfect. I loved the Launch so much and was hoping the Launch 2 would stand up to it. It exceeded my expectations. It’s awesome looking and a modern version of the Launch. It’s great for every day training. The same great shoe.”

Well said, Casimir, well said. Where are our Launch loyalists? We would love to hear from you! Comment below or tweet us

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