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Groundhog Day Game Plan

Happy Groundhog Day! Today, Punxsutawney Phil will decide our fate. Will spring come early or will this winter weather persist for another six weeks? Only time will tell, but no matter Phil’s decision we plan to make the best out of the weather and run happy!

If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow…

Don’t furrow if he burrows! Six more weeks of winter can have some upsides:

1.) Phew, six more weeks before you have to start prepping for open toe shoes. Pedicure anyone?

2.) Treadmill Netflix binges do not have to end. Now you have more time to finish a new favorite show while hitting your daily mileage.

3.) More winter weather? Do you need more some more winter gear to get you through? Here’s a thought: winter running apparel might be on sale. Retailers are looking forward to spring too, right?!

4.) You now have a reason to buy a pre-sale ticket to the movie McFarland USA. Running plus inspiration, your winter blues don’t stand a chance!

5.) Does six more weeks of winter mean a winter wonderland for your running routes? Embrace the quiet cadence of your stride while pushing through snow. It’s sort of magical.

6.) Winter running builds mental and physical toughness. In other words, more time for family, friends, and/or co-workers to question your sanity as you recount your winter running stories. Yup, you’re just that dedicated.

If Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow…

Who’s joining us for a thirty second dance party? Warmer weather deserves to be celebrated and we plan on doing just that!

1.) Sunshine and warmer weather means no excuse for not trying a new trail. Embrace your adventurous side and take a new route. Who knows what those sun rays might highlight along your route!

2.) Run-commute. If it is possible, why not get your endorphins pumping before you head to your desk and catch some rays? Bonus points for helping out Mother Earth.

3.) A new season calls for new gear! All the latest and greatest spring lines will have been released and didn’t you just mention you need a water-resistant light jacket for those spring showers?

4.) Two runs in one day? No longer an issue, more light for a run before or after work!

5.) Embrace the rainy runs and not just with a new rain jacket. Jump the puddles or splash in a few, there’s beauty in being childlike while you run.

6.) Put some spring in your stride. Lace up your shoes and sign up for a local race. The weather is ready for spring racing, you should be too!

It’s the final countdown for how the next six weeks will go, but either way we have a game plan for the outcome!


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In my past life, I was a collegiate runner. Now, I happily run in Brooks Ravennas or Ghosts. If all my running shoes were turquoise in color, I would not complain.
  1. Carmy

    So not looking forward to more winter running! There’s only so many times I can stick a pair of yaktraxs on my brooks before I get frustrated from all the ice and snow.

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