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2014 Year in Review with Jim Weber

This year, we celebrated our 100th birthday, seafood traditions, and the power of the run. As we approach the starting line of 2015, our CEO Jim Weber gives us his thoughts on 2014 and what to expect in the new year.

What does the Brooks Run Happy philosophy mean to you?

“Run Happy” is our mantra, it’s the rallying cry that we live by day in, day out and it impacts everything from how we show up at races to the products we create. Running is the best, most addictive sport the world has ever known. Young or old, fast or slow, in it for the real-time rush or the done run’s after-effects – runners believe in the transformative power of the run. “Run Happy” captures this inclusive nature of the lifestyle and sport, celebrating the many unique reasons why people run.

As the New Year rolls in, lots of runners are making resolutions. What are your thoughts on how to make really positive, Run Happy resolutions and stick with them?

Most people choose resolutions that challenge them in new and different ways. I think the key to setting a smart resolution and sticking with it is to make sure it supports an outcome that you’re passionate about. Make it personally relevant and meaningful. If the end goal isn’t important, you’ll have a harder time sticking with your resolution and achieving your goal, no matter how big or small. Finally, write it down and tell your friends about it as there is nothing quite like “social accountability” for so many of us!

Will Brooks Running be making any resolutions this year?

Absolutely! 2014 was a huge year for Brooks – among other bell-ringing accomplishments, we reached half a billion dollars in annual sales in May (a huge milestone for Brooks!), celebrated our 100-year anniversary and moved into our amazing new headquarters in Seattle. But, we’ve only just passed the first water station! Our long-term goal is to become the number one choice for runners worldwide—one pair of feet at a time. We hope more runners will trust in us because we understand their running needs, their aspirations, their passions. We live for the run—it’s all we do. So our resolution for 2015 is to be the gear of choice for 1 million more runners worldwide.

Why are you so proud to be a part of Brooks Running?

I’m proud to be part of our incredible team because they embody passion, commitment and dedication to the runner. Thirteen years ago we made the decision to focus singularly on the run, rallying our entire team around the purpose of inspiring everyone to run and be active. Every day we show up and work hard to help runners be the best version of themselves through fantastic product experiences, best-in-class service and a celebratory Run Happy spirit.

Can you share some quirky holiday/new year’s traditions that happen at the Brooks HQ?

We have a fun tradition of gifting smoked salmon to a few lucky employees at our annual holiday event. As with all great traditions comes a great story. Years ago, when Brooks was struggling to find traction, we didn’t have a lot of money but still wanted to treat our employees to a great gift raffle. A local Pacific Northwest seafood distributor donated a bunch of smoked salmon to our holiday raffle, and thus the tradition was born. While the parties (and gifts) may have gotten bigger since then, we continue to raffle smoked salmon to remind us of our past. I personally think it’s one of the more coveted gifts!

As the CEO of Brooks Running, how do you measure success?

For me, the success of Brooks is based on how the brand is resonating with runners. As primal as running is, we will always measure our success by how relevant Brooks is to runners today. Every decision we make supports the end goal of improving the running experience. We must first earn runners’ trust with great gear and then reflect on, share and celebrate the power of the run in their lives.

May the new year bring PRs, finish-line hugs, and plenty of opportunities to Run Happy!

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What's my favorite Brooks shoe? PureFlow, Ghost, Glycerin and don't forget about the Transcend.
  1. CoachKedge

    Mr Weber,
    On behalf of HS runners around the country a big THANKS for your support of HS running teams (Track and XC).
    Adam Kedge, Albuquerque Academy

  2. Maya Nicole

    Sold Brooks all summer, and bought my first pair and than received another pair. Running in Brooks, allowed me to lose 20lbs over the summer. Brooks gave me hope, motivation, and determination. I push so hard for others and there is no other shoe I would chose to run in!

    • brooksblog

      Maya: Congratulations on such a major accomplishment. It’s wonderful to hear how running has changed your life this year. Keep up the great work in 2015! #RunHappy

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