Dec | 19

5 Ways to Stuff a Runner’s Stocking

It figures that the best place for loot is the thing shaped like a big ol’ shoe.  Let’s stuff those stockings right with some great run-related treats.

1) Homemade granola bars

If the stomach holds the key to the heart, then these yummy homemade delights will ensure your place as “best gift-giver ever!”

2) Calf sleeves 

Cozy toesies are great, but cozy calves might be even better!

3) New Bluetooth headphones for wireless workouts

Pinocchio had a point – let’s get those strings outta here! Nobody wants wires messing with their stride.

4) A fun alarm clock to make morning runs easier to get up for

It can be hard to climb out of bed, but chasing after this alarm clock should give you the jump-start you need to get running.

5) Pulse Lite Glove II 

Give other runners the brightest high-fives on the block.

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What's my favorite Brooks shoe? PureFlow, Ghost, Glycerin and don't forget about the Transcend.

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