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The Official Sponsor of the Holiday Marathon

The holiday marathon. We all run it. Sure the family is in town, or you’re traveling, or making a mad dash to the mall, but we believe there’s always time to get your stride on. This holiday season, we want to inspire you to keep running with us. Check out our tips and tricks on Facebook and Twitter until the end of December.

On Instagram, our friendly holiday coach will be sure to coach you off the couch so you can continue to run happy. Or maybe we should say run merry. He will magically appear on December 2.

Let’s start things off with a friendly challenge. Sign up for the Brooks Holiday Marathon using MapMyFitness and log 26.2 miles of runs from November 24 to December 26 for a chance to win amazing prizes! Sign up now and let’s run this year’s holiday marathon together!

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What's my favorite Brooks shoe? PureFlow, Ghost, Glycerin and don't forget about the Transcend.
    • brooksblog

      Hi Lisa: the competition is designed for logging runs, but we are happy to inspire you to walk… whatever it takes to get out there and stay active!

  1. Danielle

    I can’t see the awards properly, is it a sub 8 minute that the dasher award is?
    Because I did a sub 7 yesterday and didn’t get the award, or is this because it has to be sub 8 and can’t be less than a sub 8?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Danielle

      I did 3kms today, all sub 8s and still didn’t get the award, is anyone able to let me know what exactly I have to do to get the dasher award please?

      • brooksblog

        Hi Danielle,
        You would have had to run a sub 8 pace or lower for the entire workout, in order to earn “The Dasher” badge. If you send an email to, with your MapMyRun account info (email associated with the account and user name), we can have someone from the MapMyRun team take a look to confirm. Thanks!

  2. Elina

    For some reason the award badges won’t show me what’s needed to achieve them. Can we get a list of what they’re awarded for somewhere?

    • brooksblog

      Hi Elina:

      You can earn a badge based on your running distance, running pace, or by completing a run on a certain date (i.e. The Night Before Christmas badge).

      Here is a breakdown below detailing each badge:
      · After the first mile: Honorary Elf
      · Completed 5k (3.1 mi) in a single Run: Yuletide Stride
      · If you run for less than a mile: Stocking Stuffer
      · After 13.1 miles total: Earned Your Feast
      · Sub-8 minute mile pace for your Run/Workout (not specific distance): The Dasher
      · Run on Christmas Eve (12/24): The Night Before Christmas
      · Completed 26.2 miles:The Holiday Marathon

    • brooksblog

      Hi runner: Since we don’t have the capability to track treadmill workouts from GPS, if you’re running on a treadmill you will need to fill in some of the details such as time, distance and pace. To do that, just go to “log workout” and then choose “run, treadmill” for activity type and then fill in those details. Hope this helps! #RunMerry

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