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Layering for Fall Running Like a Pro

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It wasn’t so much that I’d had a poor night’s sleep or that I was dreading what needed to get done for the day, but rather I checked the weather forecast last night and what I saw upset me: RAIN. Lots of rain. Rain for days.

As a professional runner, I spend several hours of each day outside in whatever nature has in store for me. I have trained in 100-plus degree heat and negative-20 blizzards. If I want to achieve my goals, I can’t simply cancel the day’s workload due to inclement weather.

Though I work hard to chase sunshine year round, some days, like today’s cold, wet Pacific Northwest conditions are unavoidable. It is on days like today that I am especially thankful for the right Brooks gear to get the job done.

Let me tell you how I will prepare for today’s morning track session. I like my base layer to be skin tight and am able to accomplish this with a pair of Infiniti Short Tight III’s and an Infiniti long sleeve top.

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I will ultimately be stripped down to this skin-tight layer when my body is totally warmed up. However, to stay warm, you have to start warm, and to accomplish this I will wear a pair of long tights and one of my absolutely favorite pieces of running apparel, the Heater Hog LS. To keep the rain out, my outer layer will be my unmistakable PureProject Thermal Jacket. And finally, to top it all off, I will wear a Brooks running cap and waterproof gloves. I will, at some point, make a joke about needing swim goggles. I will only be half joking.

Now, standing in front of the mirror I am able to look at this stylish and highly functional outfit. Though the sound of the rain on my roof continues to bother me, I can now smile, knowing I am fully armed for war against it.

What are your favorite items for layering?

About Nick Symmonds
Nick Symmonds is a Brooks Beast who specializes in the 800-meter run and is a two-time Olympian and world silver medalist. When he's not training on the track, you can find him fly fishing the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.
  1. Jess at Flying Feet

    Definitely tights and gloves! Cold hands are the worst. Great article. I wasn’t aware that Brooks made winter running clothes!

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