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5 Tips for Celebrating Run@Work Day

Runners celebrate their sport every time they set foot out the door, but sometimes we’re limited by the hour of the day. Three in the morning, for example, normally isn’t the best time of day to run. Neither is the hour or so after you eat a giant burrito from your favorite lunch spot. The middle of the workday is also a time when it’s difficult to go running.

But tomorrow is Run@Work Day, the one day a year when running during the workday isn’t just encouraged, it’s absolutely, unequivocally the best time to run. It’s also a super legitimate excuse for getting out of that Friday meeting you’ve been dreading.

Run@Work Day celebrates fitness and healthy lifestyles in the workplace and at school through running, with a goal of getting people everywhere to get their daily dose of exercise. Struggling to figure out how you’ll actually get away from the desk and into your running shoes? Here are our five quick tips for celebrating Run@Work Day:

1. Pack the night before

Get your gear in order the night before to wake up feeling confident and prepared. Lay out your work clothes, then pack your running clothes, fresh socks, a towel, shower supplies if your office has showers, and anything else you’ll need to get your miles in and then get back to the grind feeling fresh. Having this all done the night before will mean you’ll be less likely to have an excuse to not Run@Work the next day.

2. Block your calendar

If you’re concerned you’ll be too busy at work to take some time away for yourself, block off your calendar. It’ll help you mentally see that time as yours and for running, and it will let coworkers know that you’re busy and unavailable. And trust us, running on Run@Work Day is worth busying yourself with.

3. Invite a coworker

Keep yourself accountable by inviting a coworker to run with you. You’ll have someone to run with and someone counting on you to get out the door, and you might even inspire some other coworkers to lace up, too.

 4. Meet your running partner at work

Can’t find a coworker to put in some miles with you? No problem. Ask a running buddy to meet you at your work for a run. You’ll welcome the familiarity of an old running partner, and you’ll enjoy getting to spend some quality time with them during the working hours.

5. Wear your running clothes to work

Ok, we hear you. Casual Friday isn’t something everyone gets to participate in. But, if you can, wear your running gear to work. You’ll feel even more inclined to take a run break in between meetings if you’re already suited up and looking great. And for those of you feeling concerned that running clothes just won’t cut it as office attire, we have one question for you: Have you seen our PureProject Apparel line (see women’s and men’s)?

The bottom line is that Run@Work Day is the one of the few days runners can really go all out during. Soccer fans get weeks of random breaks during the World Cup. Then there’s the World Series for baseball aficionados. Even kickball players take off a little early from work for their recreation team games. Run@Work Day is when we can really own it. Sure, there’s National Running Day. And, yes, the Boston Marathon is a big deal for us. But who’s counting, really…

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