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Congratulations Renee Williams-Smith, the Brooks 2014 Inspiring Coach of the Year

After looking at hundreds and hundreds of nominations for coaches from all 50 states and watching your thousands of votes roll in, today Brooks crowns Renee Williams-Smith as the 2014 Inspiring Coach of the Year!

Renee’s coaching career has been defined by paving a path for young runners in our sport and providing opportunities, particularly for girls, to experience success and a team in running.

Current and former athletes, parents and fellow coaches nominated Renee for inspiring her Mira Costa Mustangs through her pioneering example. In the 1970s, Renee Williams-Smith was the first girl to run cross country at  Mira Costa High School, stitching her own uniform to run with the boys since her school didn’t have a girls’ cross country team.

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Brooks crowned Renee the 2014 Inspiring Coach of the Year in front of a group of athletes, running clubs, coaches and others from the running community.

Renee blazed a trail on a full-ride scholarship to run at Kansas State University and in the 1980s, she was heavily involved in the Los Angeles Olympics Committee, the first Games to hold a women’s marathon.

After a successful professional career, Renee returned to Mira Costa High School and turned a small group of girls training on their own into a perennial powerhouse team, one that considers their teammates family and Coach Renee a second mom.

As the Brooks 2014 Inspiring Coach of the Year, Renee will receive $10,000 in Brooks gear, $2,500 cash for team expenses, membership to the Inspire Daily program and a trip for two to the 2015 PR Invitational.

Renee was selected from 24 other finalists, each of whom go above and beyond in their coaching to inspire their runners to do and be more. They include coaches like Kris Keppel who shows up to every practice and meet even while battling pancreatic cancer and StanFryczynski who has developed and led his teams through humor and compassion during his 41-year career which encompasses indoor and outdoor track, cross country. Each finalist will receive $5,000 in gear and $500 cash for team expenses along with membership to the Inspire Daily program.

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Congrats to each of the 2014 Inspiring Coaches Finalists. The future of running looks brighter because of you!

Brooks began giving the Inspiring Coaches Award in 2011 to honor high school track and cross country coaches who create lasting, meaningful differences in their schools and communities and to celebrate their work, energy and all that they do for youth running. Each year, we receive hundreds of nominations from around the country and painstakingly narrow them down to the Top 25.  The winner is chosen through a combination of community supported voting on Facebook and feedback from Brooks employees and our Inspiring Coaches committee members.

Congrats Renee! And congrats to all of our finalists and other coaches who were nominated for the Brooks Inspiring Coach of the Year Award. The future of running looks brighter because of each of you!


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  1. Thanks to great coaches

    Each and every one of the coaches were well chosen and honored. I am certain that the kids who run with each of them is grateful for the experience. No doubt the short blurb on the posts was but a glimpse of who these terrific coaches are. Let’s spend our energy making sure we say thanks to the coaches that inspire our kids. Thanks to Brooks for honoring all of them! I can bet you, each of the recipients felt honored and grateful.

  2. brooksblog

    Thanks for reaching out to us and for your interest in the Inspiring Coaches program. Each year, we receive hundreds of nominations from around the country and painstakingly narrow them down to the Top 25. Community supported voting was one of the inputs in ultimately choosing the winner, combined with feedback from a panel of Brooks employees–who carefully review each of the hundreds of nominations, and feedback from our Inspiring Coaches committee members. The winner was announced last night at an awards banquet, and was recognized alongside the Inspiring Coaches finalists.

    At Brooks we believe that inspiration comes from many places and takes many forms. It is with great pride that we support the many coaches who overcome personal adversity, and who cultivate leadership, good sportsmanship, and a commitment to personal development in youth and in communities across the nation. It is certainly true that all of our applicants are extraordinarily inspiring.

    Our lesson learned is that we should help our community understand the selection process in more detail. Thank you for your feedback on our approach. We will take your concerns into consideration when communicating the selection process going forward. This charitable event has been in existence since 2011 and we are honored to have the opportunity to celebrate inspiring coaches this year and in the years to come.

  3. Puma

    I think there’s a lesson here and that lesson is that good sportsmanship doesn’t just apply to athlete’s on the field. Good sportsmanship applies to all of us as we go about life. Brooks should be commended for #1, honoring all of these wonderful, extraordinary coaches; #2 for the countless man hours and resources that were spent on the Coach of the Year project; and #3, for doing the right thing and taking the time to sift through all of the Facebook voting, for reviewing all of the applications as well as videos submitted by all of these applicants. Brooks ultimately chose a coach which embodied all of the qualities a Brooks Coach of the Year Award recipient should possess. Thank you Brooks for providing us with a platform to toot our horns for our coaches who dedicate their lives to our youth.

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