Feb | 12

Send Us Your Race Medals and Become Part of Brooks History

Picture a statue of a runner.

Now picture it bigger. Now picture it even bigger.

Now imagine it made out of medals won by runners from across the nation.

Now imagine your medal is part of it. All this can be true!

Our new global headquarters building at Stone 34 is coming along at quite the pace. The foundation is done, walls are going up and we’re ready to bring Run Happy to our new neighborhood in Seattle.

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Right now, we’ve got decorating on the mind and our race-medal runner is all we can think about! Donate your medal and we’ll make it part of our larger-than-life statue at our new HQ.

Then you can bring your friends by and be like, “There it is. No big deal.”

Fill out the form below and mail it and your medal to us to have your medal cemented sculpted into history!

Brooks Running

Attn: Andrea Brown

4300 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Remember that medals will not be returned. They’ll be used to build the sculpture and will help inspire runners who pass by. We’ll be sure to recognize you and your contribution in our new retail store, and of course, in our hearts forever! Please mail medals by April 1. 



brooks race medal sculpture, brooks creating sculpture out of race medals, send race medals to brooks running, running sculpture made of race medals

Photos by Tom Wright.

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I’m a runner, a writer, and a shoe lover who enjoys morning coffee, travel, singing in the car, and getting legitimately lost on trail runs. Three things I can’t live without: bubble tea, Fridays, and my Brooks PureFlow’s.
  • Mike

    Can’t wait to see the store. When do you think it’ll be open?

  • kenster

    I’ve got two dozen medals. Can I give you more than one?

    • brooksblog

      @disqus_SW8UEd0Vy3:disqus Of course! Send them all in 🙂

  • Matt

    If I send in a medal would you send me back a Brooks sticker!?

    • brooksblog

      We’re happy to send you a sticker — no medal required! Send us an email with your mailing address >> SocialMedia@Brooksrunning.com

  • Ellen

    When is the deadline to submit medals?

    • brooksblog

      @disqus_V2exDSJDtW:disqus Hi Ellen! The deadline is April 1 to get your medals in!

      • Deanna Marszalek Ramse

        Is April 1st a firm deadline or can I still get it out this weekend?

        • brooksblog

          So sorry, @deannamarszalekramse:disqus! We stopped accepting medals on the 1st. We’ll consider yours to be with us in spirit 🙂

        • brooksblog


  • RachelB

    When do they have to be mailed in by?

    • brooksblog

      Hi Rachel- Please have them in the mail by April 1. Thanks! 🙂

  • BruceK

    Can we drop off medals and the form at the 4300 Roosevelt address during business hours?

    • brooksblog

      Hi Bruce- of course! Stop by and say hi any time before April 1!

  • Gustavo Levy

    Hi ,I and my wife live in Brazil can I send the medals before April 1, too.
    We are 50 staters,but live in brazil

    • brooksblog

      Hello Gustavo!
      That’s awesome!! Your efforts to ship the medals internationally are greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

  • Gustavo Levy

    Ok I send tomorrow via mail.
    Thanks and warm regards.
    Gustavo and Sonia.
    Sao Paulo-Brazil

  • Alex Chiu

    Just donated about 10 metals me and my friends have more can we mail them to you after april 1st maybe the 10th of April? Found out about this late. I also live in Seattle can I drop them off somewhere after the 1st?

  • Angelica Guerrero

    Are you still accepting medals? I just cleaned my pile and have a few dozens to give! It is April 13 and the Fleet Feet store where I run still has the box for donations on the premises. Could I leave them there?

    • brooksblog

      We’re so sorry, Angelica; we are no longer accepting medals (deadline was April 1). We just got a note that Fleet Feet in Chicago will be turning in their collection box past the April 1 deadline. If you give them a call, perhaps you can work with them to add your medals before they ship them out. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for reaching out!