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4 Tips for Hydrating During Your First Half Marathon

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We all know hydrating before a race is important, but what about during a race? Do you carry a water bottle? Maybe a water belt? Do you forego drinking all together? Or what about those water stations along the course?

Mario Fraioli, senior editor at Competitor Magazine and author of the Official Rock ‘N’ Roll Training Guide for the Marathon and Half Marathon, shares some insight into hydrating during your next race for our My First Half series.

When it comes to grabbing those cups of water or sports drink, Mario has four tips for hydration success:

1. Make Eye Contact

Let the race volunteer know you’re coming in for water or sports drink so they’re ready for you when you run by.

2. Slow Down

Slowing down as you go through the aid station will let you grab the cup  securely and keep as much fluid as possible inside it.

3. Pinch the Top of the Cup

Crush the top of the cup when you grab it from a volunteer to trap the water inside. This will give you a firm grasp of the cup and also set you up nicely for the next step.

4. Funnel the Fluid

With your crushed cup, tip one end to your mouth and drink, baby! The funnel shape will prevent the fluid from spilling all of the fluid at once. You will probably definitely spill a little, but not nearly as much.

For more tips on hydrating and preparing for your first half marathon, watch Episode 3 of our My First Half Series below.

What race will you be using these tips in next? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Farrah Pierre Noel

    Hi! Thanks for the tips! I’ll be using these tips in the Philadelphia Marathon on November 17th (my 1st half marathon). I’m super excited Woooo Go TEAM!! #TNT

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