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Running With Dad- A Father’s Day Running Story

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When I was about eight years old, my dad invited me to go for a run. Up until that moment, I’d assumed running for  exercise was something that only dads did. As the oldest of four kids, being singled out like this was completely awesome.

Dad taught me his stretches – toe touches, side stretches, the runner’s lunge – and we set off around the neighborhood. I have no idea how far we went, and I don’t know what we talked about aside from his advice to run at a pace where I could talk easily.

This experience didn’t make me a super-runner. I didn’t pick up running as a hobby until I was 22. These days I never stretch before running, and I try to break the “conversational-pace” rule once a week for an interval workout. Even so, that experience is one of the most vivid and cherished memories I have of my dad, who passed away about a year later.

Now I have two kids of my own and an extended family full of runners. We can’t all get together very often, but when we do, there’s usually running involved. More often than not, it’s my step-dad leading the charge, asking us to join him for his daily run or suggesting we visit during the weekend of a local race so we can run it together. Our next family race is coming up over the 4th of July weekend, and I can’t wait!

We at Brooks wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who find their own ways to create memories and connect with their kids, through running or otherwise. THANK YOU!

Do you have any running memories with your dad? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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I'm a running, banjo picking, motorcycle riding mom of two boys. I love running for all the reasons: getting out with friends, getting out alone, cruising and relaxing, testing my limits. Most of all, having fun!

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