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Recycle, Reuse and Donate your Running Shoes this Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and here at Brooks, we think the Earth is like your favorite playground. You can run around it, have fun in it, meet people and go on adventures. But you have to pick up after yourself so everyone can enjoy it.

We love the Earth and we want to make sure that on our mission to inspire everyone to run and be active, we’re doing our part to take care of it, especially on Earth Day.  We’ve done things like create a biodegradable midsole material, develop a shoe made from 75 percent recycled materials, create size-proportioned shoe boxes that reduce waste and even started construction on our new home at Stone34 which will include features like storm water recycling and ways to let in more natural light to cut down on electricity usage.

You can even read our most recent corporate responsibility report here.

This Earth Day, we want to share with you a few ways that you can repurpose or recycle your retired Brooks running shoes to help do your part to be eco-friendly.

Donate to those in need

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Hundreds of shoes sit ready for donation next to the Soles4Souls car.

Groups like Souls4Soles take your old shoes and find new homes for them. Soles4Souls donates 99 percent of their shoes to people in need in 127 countries.

The other 1 percent goes to a waste-to-energy facility where they are used to produce environmentally clean and renewable energy that powers a hospital, a military base and a school!

To donate your used shoes, find a drop-off near you by visiting www.soles4souls.org.

Over at the Brooks headquarters, our staff is celebrating Earth Day by hosting Soles 4 Souls donation boxes throughout our offices. We are going all hands (and feet) in to collect and donate the most used shoes from staff.

Want to get involved? Encourage your coworkers to donate their used shoes at a local Souls4Souls drop-off near you.


Reusing things is another great way to lessen your impact on the planet, but it’s also one of the more difficult ones. After all, you’re done with your running shoes for a reason, right? Try this: pot flowers into your running shoes for a unique way to show off new daisies from the garden as well as all the miles you ran.

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Pretty and functional, right?


Many running stores around the country will take your used running shoes and give them to charities or to other recycling programs. Take a look at the short list below for a few stores that will take your retired shoes from you. Don’t be afraid to ask your local running store if they take old shoes, too.

Use these three ways to celebrate Earth Day with us and make strides toward environmental responsibility.

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