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Announcing the Run Happy Moments in History Winners!

Each of our running timelines are dotted with moments we like to look back on and remember happily. Brooks’ timeline is no different, especially when it comes to our Run Happy moments.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the winners of our Run Happy Moments in History Contest! We read stories of triumph over injury and tears-of-joy moments at the finish line. We read about inspiring moments of freedom in nature and about families that run together. After reviewing hundreds of your contest submissions, we’re excited to announce these three contest winners. Their Run Happy moments will be featured on the Facebook Timeline for the next three months alongside important parts of our history including the debut of our Chariot shoe, Desi Davila at the Olympics, and more Run Happy History moments.

 Nicole Sin Quee – October 8, 2012

We love the happy, thrilled expressions at the end of this 10K race. It’s what Run Happy is all about.

38 min 10K. Let go and ran happy; Brooks skipped across the asphalt.


Courtney Ahrenholtz – September 22, 2012

There’s nothing cuter than a baby runner, especially one that runs happy. Watch out, Amy Hastings!

Proudest running moment was crossing the finish line with my eldest daughter (3) in her first race.


Dean Davis – April 16, 2012

Running happy? Yes, please. Running happy for a good cause? Double yes with double cheese.

Ran the Boston Marathon in a giant burger suit and led a group to raise $20K for local homeless.


Our Honorable Mention goes to Bill Weber.

Bill started his weight loss journey at 300 pounds by running one mile a day. Eventually he set his goals on running a marathon and later on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Two years and 150 pounds later, Bill reached his goal.

Chicago [Marathon] was a very special race to me as it would be the first Marathon that I ran with my father.  It was a chilly morning, but I felt confident. It was the fastest I had ever run in my life. When I crossed the finish line, my Garmin watch confirmed a time of 3:04:49, but I had no idea what my D-Tag clocked. Not knowing my official time, I walked back to my hotel room where I was instantly greeted by my girlfriend’s scream of, “We’re going to Boston, baby!” My mother and father joined in on the celebration as well. That’s when it hit me.  It was the proudest and happiest running moment of my life, one that I could not imagine accomplishing in under a year.

After losing 150 pounds by running, I qualified for Boston running the Chicago Marathon.


Thanks to everyone who sent in Run Happy moments for this contest; out of the hundreds of submissions, these are the three that scream “Run Happy” the most. Check them out by scrolling through our Facebook Timeline and looking for Milestones like this one:


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The contest might be over, but we always love hearing about your Run Happy moments. Tells us your moment in the comments.

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