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Run Happy on National Running Day – June 6th

Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!

How far will you run on June 6, 2012?

Where will you run on June 6?

National Running Day is held each year on the first Wednesday in June. This national celebration is an opportunity for runners to express their passion for running and to encourage those who have yet to lace on running shoes to give it a try.

National Running Day also offers everyone the opportunity to take a moment to celebrate this amazing sport. Whether you are an old pro or new to running, we encourage you to celebrate on June 6, 2012. Below are three simple ways you can get involved.

1. Express Your Passion

Post a status update on Facebook or Twitter sharing your running plans for National Running Day and invite your friends to join you on a run. On June 6, our partner Competitor will also be providing a Facebook app that enables you to add your distance to a national mileage reel and the ability to post a custom National Running Day Facebook badge. For more details, visit http://running.competitor.com.

2. Set a Goal

Just like New Year’s, National Running Day is the perfect moment to set a new goal or renew an existing one. Whether you are attempting to set a 5k personal-record, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, setting and achieving running goals offers the opportunity to stay healthy, motivated and realize your full running potential.

3. Run!

It’s easy–just go for a run on June 6! Set aside some time before work or school, during lunch, or at the end of the day and go for a run around town or on a local trail. Better yet, meet up with friends and go for a run together. Don’t know where to start? Join a National Running Day group run.

More Ways to Get Involved

Call a friend and schedule a run

Call a friend and schedule a run

Want to know more ways to participate in National Running Day?  Head on over to Competitor’s National Running Day site for ten more ways to celebrate.

Where will you run on National Running Day? 

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