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Brooks Employee Races for Another Job Title: World Champion

Our customer service team is fast! Wish Andy good luck as he prepared to fly out to Italy to represent the US at the 100k Trail World Champions

Our customer service team is fast! Wish Andy good luck as he prepared to fly out to Italy to represent the U.S. at the 2012 100k World Championships

Call customer service at Brooks and you might just speak to a world champion runner. That’s because one of the many great runners at Brooks answering customer calls and emails is Andy Henshaw, Brooks Customer Specialist. He is not just a member of the Brooks staff, but is also a world-class ultramarathon runner. On Sunday, April 22nd, Andy will be competing on the U.S. team at the 100K World and European Championships in Seregno, Italy. Andy and his six male and six female U.S. teammates will be racing against 220 athletes from 35 countries—all battling for the title of world’s fastest male and female 100k ultramarathoner.

The 26th IAU 100k Championships is this Sunday.

The 26th IAU 100k Championships is this Sunday.

This is Andy’s second opportunity to compete in the 100k World and European Championships. In 2011, Andy battled hot weather and other elite runners in Winschoten, Netherlands, capturing third with a time of 6:44:37. This year he wants to finish even stronger at the 100k distance.

“I hope to improve on my performance on last year and aim to make the podium in a time around 6:30 for 100k” shared Andy.

To quality for the U.S. team, Andy chalked up an impressive string of wins. He has won ten of the last 25 50k, 100k and 50-mile ultramarathon races he has competed in, and set new course records with nine of his wins.

Andy’s training routing includes running over 100 miles a week in the Brooks Launch with a combination of shorter mid-week runs and longer outings on the weekend. To fit in his training with his  busy work schedule, Andy occasionally commutes to Brooks by running 23 miles each way from his home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to our offices in Bothel, WA. In preparation for the 100k championships, Andy also ran 50k-long training workouts at an average pace of 6 minutes/mile. Amazing!

Has this inspired you to go long for your next run?


Andy offers a bit of advice for those looking to get into ultramarathon or trail running. “Get a good pair of shoes and lower your expectations for pace. Don’t worry, the summit is worth it.”

Andy flys out today with the US team for the championships in Italy. Brooks will be rooting for him!

How Andy qualified for the 100k championships:

  • 11/19/11 JFK 50 Mile, 11th (6:23:–)
  • 10/15/11 Point Defiance 50K, 1st (3:36:41) CR
  • 09/10/11 World Championship 100K, 3rd (6:44:34)
  • 07/31/11 White River 50 Mile, 4th (7:15:22)
  • 07/04/11 Four on the 4th, 3rd (19:54)
  • 05/07/11 Lost Lake 50K, 1st (5:03:33)
  • 04/09/11 Mad City 100K, 1st (6:47:34) CR
  • 01/30/11 ING Miami Marathon, 5th (2:26:37)
  • 11/25/10 Gobble 4 Miler, 2nd (21:04)
  • 10/16/10 Point Defiance 50K, 1st (3:40:12) CR
  • 07/17/10 Vermont 100, 17th (19:46:21)
  • 06/05/10 Blue Canyon Trail 100K, 1st (11:51:00) CR
  • 05/01/10 Collegiate Peaks 50 Mile, 1st (6:52:05) CR
  • 04/10/10 American River 50 Mile, 2nd (5:56:03)
  • 03/13/10 Salida Marathon, 2nd (3:18:15)
  • 02/13/10 Run Toto Run 50K, 1st (4:15:12) CR
  • 08/22/09 Leadville 100 Mile, 4th (18:56:41)
  • 07/25/09 White River 50 Mile, 6th (7:18:46)
  • 07/11/09 Psycho Psummer Trail 50K, 1st (4:51:27)
  • 06/06/09 Blue Canyon 100K, 1st (12:45:58) CR
  • 05/09/09 Rock Creek Half Marathon, 1st (1:35:28) CR
  • 04/10/09 Brew to Brew, 1st (5:11:11) CR
  • 07/19/08 Vermont 100, 25th (21:12:52)
  • 04/09/08 Brew to Brew, 11th (7:00:09)

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