Feb | 18
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Find your best fit with Shoefitr

When you’re shopping for running shoes, there’s no substitute for having them fitted by a trained specialist at your local running store. Even if you know what sort of shoe you’re looking for – neutral, guidance, support, control, etc. – you don’t always know your size. That’s where Shoefitr comes in.

Shoefitr screenshot

A team of athletes and engineers developed Shoefitr, which uses detailed 3-D scans of the insides of shoes so you can compare how different shoes fit.

We added Shoefitr to our Size and Fit Guide on BrooksRunning.com at the beginning of February, and it’s already getting rave reviews. To try it out, pick a shoe and check the “size & fit guide” button to get started.

Start with a shoe you currently own – pick the manufacturer, model, and size, and Shoefitr will show you your best fit in that Brooks shoe, along with the differences if you go one size up or down. Armed with a size recommendation you can order your shoes and be sure of a good fit.

Try Shoefitr today to find your perfect fit.

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