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Running Happy When There’s a 100% Chance of Rain

No more soggy feet!

No more soggy feet!

How many times have you looked out the window at the rain and decided not to run because you just don’t want to get wet?

Growing up near Seattle I was forced to make a decision early on in my running career—I was either going to learn how to enjoy running in the rain or I wasn’t going to run. Ten years later I’m still lacing up and hitting the roads…and puddles.

How, you may ask, does one go about enjoying a run in the rain? There are several keys to running happy in the rain.

The first and most important is to plan on getting wet. Some runners make the mistake of attempting to stay completely dry throughout the run. Instead plan on and prepare for getting wet. Think through what apparel works well in the rain and what technology (such as that brand new shining MP3 player) does not work well in the rain.

Equilibrium long sleeve to keep you warm during runs in the rain

Equilibrium long sleeve to keep you warm during runs in the rain

Rain Gear Matters
In case you’re at a loss for what to wear while taking on the rain, I typically wear a tight fitting base layer such as the Equilibrium long sleeve with an Epiphany short sleeve shirt or the Essential run vest over top (all three pieces have collections for men and for women). Because the Equilibrium long sleeve is designed to fit relatively tightly you don’t have to worry about baggy sweatshirts or lose fitting shirts sticking to you in funny places as it gets wet. But, the second layer (the vest or Epiphany short sleeve shirt) keeps you from feeling like you’re just running in spandex. Yes, this clothing will get wet, but I have found these pieces to remain relatively warm and comfortable–they tend to act as a sort of running wetsuit that maintains warmth and comfort despite of the downpour. Having the right clothes makes a huge different when you are battling the elements.

Don’t Wear Cotton
This leads to the second key: DO NOT WEAR COTTON. This includes, but is not limited to, cotton socks, cotton shirts, cotton sweatpants, and cotton headbands. I have personally discovered that cotton becomes see-through, clingy and heavy before you’ve hit the first mile marker. Instead, suit-up in wicking, water-resistant, technical fabrics (see options here).

No More Soggy Feet!

No More Soggy Feet!

Bring It On
The third key to running happy in the rain is to occasionally inform mother nature that come hell or high water you shall run anyway.  I have found it empowering to verbally inform the dark grey clouds to “bring it on!” when the skies open up during track workouts.

Keep Feet Dry
The final key is to keep your feet dry! Thanks to one of Brooks many recent developments: Gore-Tex + Brooks, having dry feet is possible! Check out how one of our YouTube fans tested our waterproof shoes, and run happy–even in the rain.


Clothes? Will-Power? How do you run in the rain?

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Kristen has worked for Brooks since summer 2011 and is an addicted runner. She ran in the Big 10 conference for The Ohio State University where she recently finished her master’s degree in Communication. Kristen is now running half-marathons (with a PR of 1:18:41) and full marathons (2:45:46). Kristen is a 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.

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