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Brooks: Perfect for Your Race Day, Perfect For Your Wedding Day

MaryBeth and her bridesmaids

The bride, the bridesmaids, and their Green Silence running shoes at the Steininger wedding

Wedding bells chimed, vows were said, and the bride walked down the aisle in Brooks running shoes. For couples Garrett and Amanda  Lewandowski and Jacob and MaryBeth Steininger, Brooks Ghost, Green Silence, and Cascadia running shoes were lucky enough to be a part of their wedding days.

MaryBeth in her Green Silence shoes

MaryBeth on her wedding day wearing Green Silence shoes

Jacob and MaryBeth met in 2007 while working at a Finish Line store in Ohio. During in-store competitions, the pair became competitive with each other and eventually fell in love.

When Jacob and MaryBeth decided to get married they wanted to get their bridal party something personal, and decided that since shoes is what brought them together that they would give each member of their bridal party a pair of Brooks Green Silence. “Even though our FAVORITE Brooks running shoe is the Cascadia we chose the Green Silence because it was the newest shoe for Brooks and the men’s and women’s shoes were so much alike. It was PERFECT!” said MaryBeth.

Garrett and Amanda's favorite running shoes-- The Cascadias

Garrett and Amanda ready to walk down the aisle

Not only did the bridal party love the shoes, but everyone continued to wear the shoes throughout the entire reception (including the bride and groom). “It was a fun personal touch to show what kind of people Jacob and I are,” said the bride.

While MaryBeth and Jacob recently raced in the Glycerin and Launch, their favorite running shoes are the Cascadias. “We have enjoyed many different models of Brooks running shoes over the past few years and it continues to remind us how we met!” stated MaryBeth.

Brooks loves hearing  all of these great run happy stories. We appreciate all of the photos and cards you share with us and post on our Facebook page. Thank you!

Mandy and Garrett and their Cascadias

Mandy and Garrett in their Brooks Ghosts

As for newlyweds Garrett and Amanda Lewandoswki, “We were inspired to use Brooks shoes in our wedding because they are the only shoes that we wear!” said Amanda, “On our special day we were looking for comfort and the only option was to wear the Brooks Ghost 4 (which we purchased for one another as wedding gifts).”

“Ghost’s were the lucky pick because we have chosen them as our favorite line of shoes since they first came out. We have had every addition…when it was time to buy one another a gift for the wedding day, we looked at one another and knew we wanted the Ghost 4’s since they had just come out!” said Amanda.

Inspired to get married wearing Brooks? Which apparel or shoes would you pick to walk down the aisle?

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  1. Mary Baum

    Ha ha nice! Love that they totally went with what they wanted to do, and didn’t care about what others thought. I ran the morning of my wedding in my Glycerins, but didn’t wear them under my dress 🙂 Props to them!!

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