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Meet Brooks Inspiring Coaches Finalist Bill Gregg

High school: Davis Senior High School in Davis, California

Number of years coaching: 14 years

Accomplishments: Coached eight boys District Championship teams, eight girls District Championship teams, and one individual State Champion; Sacramento Bee Boys Coach of the Year 2000, Sacramento Bee Girls Coach of the Year 2006.

What makes Coach Bill Gregg so inspiring?
“For four short years, Bill was my coach, but for the rest of my life he will be a mentor, life teacher, and a loving friend.” This was written by a former runner and really epitomizes how inspiring a coach can be in a young athlete’s life. As we read through the nominations for Bill Gregg, it was hard to believe how many times we saw the word love. Every athlete he coached talked about the team as their family, how much their coach loved them, and how they could talk to him about anything. As another former athlete wrote, “he has the unique ability to connect with every person on his teams and truly change lives.” The team environment made the program one of the largest in the school, because everyone was encouraged to participate. Even with over 100 athletes, he builds relationships with his athletes regardless of talent or age. As one of his runners stated, “As you can see, the term ‘Coach’ means so much more than someone who yells splits. Bill inspires desire within his runners to use this wonderful sport to become the people who they want to be.”

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