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How to Land a Job at Brooks

Brooks Staff in Bothell, WA

Brooks Staff in Bothell, WA

Recently I sat down with Brooks’ manager of human resources, Teresa Ritter, who offered tips on building a career in the footwear industry. Brooks is one of the best places to work on the planet and that’s because of the amazing people we have at this company. Run Happy!

1. What types of jobs are there at a shoe company like Brooks?

We hire a wide range of team members, everyone from graphic designers and IT talent, to customer service representatives and logistics staff. If you have a passion for running, there is probably a job at Brooks that fits yours skills.

Our newest positions at Brooks are in the apparel and footwear product development departments–all specialized positions that require apparel and footwear product experience.  In 2011, we have also expanded our sales and marketing teams.

Many times employees start their career at Brooks by working in the customer service department or at our outlet store in Bothell.  Brooks also has compliance, finance, and IT departments that occasionally have openings.

2. What is the most enjoyable part of hiring talent for Brooks?

We interview a lot of positive people that are passionate about the product and the company.  Most applicants that apply know Brooks and want to work for a company that represents an active healthy lifestyle.  Most candidates that we hire have the run happy spirit.

3. What advice would share with someone who is interested in working for Brooks?

If you’re passionate about running and want to work at a great company, continue to check out the career page on www.brooksrunning.com. Networking with Brooks employees is another great way to get connected and learn more about the company.  Some managers even make time for 20 minute informational interviews.

4. How can the public find out about openings at Brooks?

Go to our career page on our website www.brooksrunning.com and “follow” Brooks on LinkedIn. This is the best way to learn when new positions are posted that fit your qualifications and interests.

5. Any other advice to share?

Our human resources department would be happy to answer any other questions about working at Brooks. Post a comment on this blog post and we will do our best to respond.

About Kristen
Kristen has worked for Brooks since summer 2011 and is an addicted runner. She ran in the Big 10 conference for The Ohio State University where she recently finished her master’s degree in Communication. Kristen is now running half-marathons (with a PR of 1:18:41) and full marathons (2:45:46). Kristen is a 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier.
  1. Melinda B.

    How many people do you have working in the Customer Service department? I have been following your company and purchasing your products – and I am sold! I will be posting my resume (again!) tomorrow. I would love a chance to interview and share my skills with this great company.

    Thanks, Melinda B.

  2. Teresa Ritter

    We have about 20 employees in the Customer Service Department and this group ncludes: Customer Service Representives for Domestic, International Account Specialists, and a Vendor Compliance Team. Thank you for your interest in Brooks Sports!

  3. Valerie Davis

    Good Afternoon, I am extremely interested in working for Brooks and have applied for the Biomechanist position. I have done the wear testing program and have come into the lab before. Do you let potential candidates know as the process continues or if the position closes? Is there anything more I can do to secure an interview? I would love a chance to show how my skills would match with the Brooks team!

  4. Teresa Ritter

    We follow up with candidates after a position closes and then remove the job opening from our website once a job is filled. For the Biomechanist position, we just completed the phone interviews with the top candidates. We plan to start the in-person interviews someitme around the week of July 11th due to travel schedules. Thank you for your interest in Brooks Sports!

  5. Andrew

    I’ve recently applied for your Graphic Designer position, but I was not able to verify that my resume was attached. In the application process, it had only showed my cover letter as an attachment. Is there someone I can contact to verify that both my resume and cover letter were recieved? Thank you for your time! – Andrew Brown

  6. Mike Sayenko

    I am very passionate about running and the run happy culture of the company ! I am a sponsored athlete that has been to three Olympic Trials, have been an intern in the past, and know people in the company. My passion for running overlaps with graphic design. I saw a recent graphic design position open. I applied and have not heard for a while. Is there still any chance at an interview for this position?

    • brooksblog

      @google-5a250c88274caed588acb007a0e93703:disqus  Sorry, but that position has been filled. We are growing company and will have more positions open in the future. Good luck

  7. DistanceNerd

    What about something like the materials R&D field? Any place in Brooks for a runner who’s heavy on the chemistry expertise?

  8. Claire Josquin

    hello! I am Claire, I am French, I love running and practice athletics in competition. I am studying International business and I am currently looking for a work placement in Germany for nearly 2 months (from may to July 2013). please could you help me to find a contact and know if it would be possible to team up with them for fews months! thank you very much! sincerely Claire PS: if you want to contact me personally, here is my mail address : claireau@hotmail.fr thanks a lot for that help!

  9. Sarah McCarthy Mackay

    I am an avid runner and triathlete and would love an opportunity to work at Brooks!! I recently applied for the Corporate Responsibility Specialist position. I worked at Helly Hansen as a Marketing/Sales Specialist a few years ago. I am familiar with the Higgs Index, I have training in Corporate Responsibility and would be thrilled to work at Brooks. I’m willing to do what it takes to get into the door at Brooks! Do you recommend having an informational interview with the head of the Department? Thanks so much! Sarah

  10. Genevieve

    Dear Ms. Ritter,
    I wanted to alert you that I submitted two applications for the Event Coordinator position. My cover letter did not appear the first time I uploaded my resume and cover letter and submitted my application, so I combined my cover letter with my resume and resubmitted my application. Please let me know if there is a way for me to direct the appropriate person’s attention to this fact to let him or her know that my second application is the complete version. I could not find an alternate way to communicate this inquiry, so I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you, Genevieve

  11. Alex Judd

    My name is Alex Judd and I am a student at The University of Texas. I definitely subscribe to the Brooks “Run Happy” mentality and am looking for a way to arrange one of the informational interviews described above. Do you have any advice?

  12. Matt T

    I had applied for the field guru position for Phoenix and was wondering if the first round of interviews have started? I have an extensive background in the running specialty industry and have been waiting for this position to become available. I know this would be a perfect fit for me because of my passion for running.

    • brooksblog

      @disqus_NmJWOk2tHi:disqus Hi Matt. Thanks for the message. Our hiring team will be in touch with you regarding this as soon as they’re able.Thanks, and run happy!

  13. valerie burns

    I recently applied for the Environmental Specialist position and I was unable to attach my cover letter. Is there someone I could send it to, or should I reapply and see if it works the second time through? I am very excited about this position and I want to get my cover letter in.
    Valerie Burns

  14. Kubed

    I recently applied for the public relations specialist position with Brooks Running. I prepared a resume and cover letter, but the online application only had a spot for a resume. Should I merge my two documents into one and reapply? Thank you in advance for the feedback.
    ~Laura Kubitz

  15. Tyler Eidsmoe

    I recently applied for a open position for a Product Foot and Wear Test Analyst at the corporate headquarters and was curious about the status of my application. I have called a number of times to be directed to a recruiter for the department only to leave a message and never get a response. Is there someone else I can talk to or send my resume and cover letter too? Thanks for the help
    -Tyler Eidsmoe

  16. Tyler Eidsmoe

    I recently applied for a open position for a Product Foot and Wear Test Analyst at the corporate headquarters and was curious about the status of my application. I have called a number of times to be directed to a recruiter for the department only to leave a message and never get a response. Is there someone else I can talk to or send my resume and cover letter too? Thanks for the help
    -Tyler Eidsmoe

  17. joshua friedman

    Does Brooks plan on having a Human Performance Lab Intern position for summer 2014? If so, when might it be posted and who can I contact about that? Thanks.

    • brooksblog

      joshua friedman The Human Performance Lab Intern is a 6 month internship, so we won’t be posting it just for the summer. The Lab internship that’s posted right
      now will be from February until July, and the next one will overlap with that, starting in July. If you are qualified for and interested in this position, please apply on our website: http://www.brooksrunning.com/careers.

    • brooksblog

      Hi Jake! Thanks for your interest! Our Creative Team currently has an intern on staff, and is not planning on adding another in 2014. Keep checking our jobs page for updates as something else might come up that you might want to apply for. Thanks again, and Run Happy!

      • Jake Braam

        Thanks! I’ll be sure to keep checking your jobs page. Hope to work with Brooks in the future. Thanks again, and have a fantastic day!

  18. Carly Lockard

    Hi, I just found this post and had a question regarding a cover letter. I am applying for the biomechanics research scientist position listed at: http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?c=qmw9VfwG&s=SimplyHired&utm_medium=jobclick&utm_source=simplyhired&page=Job%20Description&j=oJPTYfw9
    and would love to be able to personalize my cover letter. Do you know who is reviewing the applications or who I could contact to find that information?
    Thank you,

    • brooksblog

      Hi Carly,

      There are number of people here at Brooks who could review your materials. If you address your cover letter to the Brooks Recruiting Team, they’ll definitely get it. Run Happy!

  19. Keith Erps

    Hey Guys,

    I just applied for the Sports Marketing Coordinator position. I am excited for the opportunity to work with your company and use my talents to help fulfill the mission and goals of Brooks Running. I was hoping to get my resume, cover letter, and some work samples in the hands of the Sports Marketing Manager and Team Brand Manager who i will be working with.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

    Keith Erps

    • brooksblog

      Hi Keith,
      Your application will be routed to the assigned recruiter for this position. If you are among
      the most qualified candidates, the recruiter will be in touch with further
      Thanks for applying!

  20. Bryce McConville

    Will Brooks open up an application for a summer internship? Or is it better to just send my information via a general profile?


    • brooksblog

      Hi Bryce: Any open internships will be posted on our careers page (www.brooksrunning.com/caeers) when they become available. Thanks for running with us!

  21. Brett Hales

    I have 2 questions:
    I applied for the Guru Running Tech Rep openings in Minneapolis and Northern California and I live in Utah. Does living out of the territory hurt my chances of consideration?
    Also, I am an elite distance runner that recently qualified for the Olympic Trials in the Marathon by running a 1:04:31 in the RNR Half Marathon in Las Vegas. Brooks was the main running sponsor and as I looked around at the other elites on the starting line, no one was repping Brooks and felt that was a travesty. I was wondering if you would be able to direct me to the person in charge of Athlete management to inquire about potential sponsorship opportunities?

    Thank you

    • brooksblog

      Hi Brett,
      Thanks for reaching out.

      No, living outside of the territory does not hurt your chances. Because fit is so important to us, if it came down to a candidate in the territory and someone who had to relocate that is a better fit, we would go with them.

      To contact our athlete management team, you can send an email to: brooksid@brooksrunning.com. You should also include a resume in the email.

      Hope this helps!

  22. Laura Norris

    Hello! I am an avid runner, a huge fan of the Brooks brand, and a running blogger. I recently applied for the position of Marketing Traffic Specialist at Brooks and I am wondering if there is anyone with whom I can follow up on this position. I am excited for the opportunity to interview at Brooks and hope to hear back soon. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    • brooksblog

      Hi Laura,
      Your application will be routed to the assigned recruiter for this position. If you are among the most qualified candidates, the recruiter will be in touch with further details. Thanks for running with us! Best of luck.

  23. Brandon

    I have been interested in working for Brooks for some time now. I have a passion for running, love the products and enjoy getting other people excited about running and living a healthy lifestyle. What would be a good career path or entry level position to take in order to work in the field for Brooks?

  24. Heather Ford

    Hello. I am making the move to Seattle and am looking for a new job. Brooks seems like a great company and it would be a dream to combine running and my career. I recently applied for the open supply chain analyst job. Is there anything else I can do or anyone that I could talk with about this opportunity?

  25. Jason Glass

    Hi my name is Jason and I recently applied for the New York Guru position and a general application. I am very interested in working for Brooks because I am an avid runner and love living a healthy lifestyle and helping others along a Path to their healthy lifestyle also. I am not opposed to relocating to Seattle. What can I do to get a position for Brooks! Thank you!

    Jason Glass on the East Coast

  26. Taylor Bauer

    Hi my name is Taylor, and I am from Wisconsin and am entering into my senior year of college. I was wondering who I would contact about job shadowing someone at brooks who has studied biomechanics and helps develop the shoes at brooks as well as help analyze form. I would love the opportunity to job shadow someone this summer before I go back and enter into my cross country season and start with my academic studies. Thank you!

  27. Ellen C

    I am interested in the Marketing Coordinator EMEA Position located in the Netherlands. Does Brooks consider Non EU residents for position if they are a fit? Thank you!

  28. Alicia Benn

    Hello. Regarding your International Internship position (specifically the listing for the Germany location), is this a paid or unpaid 3 month internship? If it is paid, do you have specifics on salary, requirements, etc?

    • brooksblog

      Hi Alicia! Requirements for internships vary on the job description and location. The team is looking for candidates in Germany currently. If you’re in Germany, let us know and we can get you the right information. Run Happy!

  29. Maxwell Kuzara


    I am just wondering when Brooks will be posting the summer internship positions that you will be offering this summer?

    Thank you,

  30. Kimberly Liu

    Hey there!

    I’m writing from the States about the job/internship opportunities abroad (in Germany and Italy specifically)! Are you looking for applicants currently living in those countries, or would you also be open to consider applicants from the States!

    Thanks and happy running!

    • brooksblog

      Hi Kimberly! The jobs are likely to be filled by candidates who live in those respective countries. However, if you’re able legally able to work in those countries, we’re happy to look at your application materials.

  31. jfknutson

    Hello. Does Brooks ever use freelance graphic designers? I’m a local designer (native of Seattle) and runner, loves Brooks. If freelance work is an option, who should I send my resume and/or samples/portfolio to? Thanks!

  32. Katie Mierek

    I’m in the process of applying for a customer service specialist position in Seattle. I’m attaching a cover letter to my resume. To whom do I address my cover letter? To “hiring manager” or to a specific person? Thanks in advance for your help!

  33. Braunwyn

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is still active. After applying to a position that is on going, is there a way to submit a new updated resume?

    Thank you!

  34. Cee-Cee Ryder Swalling

    I’d love to learn about shoe design positions! Do you ever have internship in the creative department? I’m a Costume Design Grad student and avid runner and Brooks are the only shoe for me!

  35. Olivia

    What’s the best way to reach out to someone working in the Human Performance Lab for an informational interview? I really appreciate your advice!

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