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Customer Creates Alternative ST Racer Colors

ST Racer 5 Minimalist Unisex Shoe

Jeff Sheinkopf is a Brooks customer and graphic designer from New York City who regularly runs 100 miles a week. Between hitting the road in Ravennas and taking to the NY trails in Cascadias , Jeff mocked-up some alternative color schemes for the Brooks Racer ST 5 and tweeted them last week.

Thanks Jeff! We’ll share your feedback with our footwear team!

What do you think? Which of customer Jeff Sheinkopf’s Photoshop designs of the Racer ST 5 do you like most?

Photoshoped designs by Brooks customer Jeff Sheinkopf

Photoshoped designs by Brooks customer Jeff Sheinkopf

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I am a runner in Seattle, Washington. When I'm not at work, I enjoy camping, running trail races and exploring the outdoors.
  1. Randall Crowley

    I like the first design (black blue yellow), 2nd (red black with grey) and the 2nd to last (black & blue with grey) for sure.

  2. JD Lavallee

    I would love to see the second from top (red/black) and second from bottom (blue/black) released as the next men’s colors! Great designs!

  3. heather

    the 2nd, 4th and 5th designs are great! I hope Brooks can put new colors out soon. I love my orange and blue racers but new colors would be nice!

  4. Michael

    I LOVE my new ST5s with the orange and blue. As to those designs…well, I like the first one and the last one. Those in between the first and last are…zzzzzz…oh, excuse me! I fell asleep looking at them because they are boring!

  5. anne

    I don’t like all the black – it makes the shoe look heavy. I want my shoes to look light and flat. That being said, I’d take the yellow midsole and pair it with the blue mesh and add a yellow logo.

  6. Alex

    I would definately buy the second from the top (red upper w/ black midsole). Also, the second from the bottom (blue upper w/ black midsole) looks good too. Great designs Jeff!

  7. Brandon

    I really like #1, #2 if it had a black logo instead of gray, #5, and #6 with a red base instead of black. Great designs!

  8. Steve

    Hi im interested in buying my first Brooks shoes the T7 racer. I normally run in Nike size 7 ( UK size ). Are the sizes similar. Thanks

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