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[Video] Brooks Asks Will You Marry Me?

Coach Jon proposes to girlfriend Cochleen at state track championships

Coach Jon proposes to girlfriend Cochleen at state track championships

This past weekend, track coach Jon Sands needed help asking his girlfriend Cochleen Baker to marry him at the Maryland State Track meet where he was coaching. Luckily, Brooks was there to lend a hand.

Using Brooks Go Cards and student athletes as sign holders, Jon asked his girlfriend of nine years to marry him. Cochleen said “YES!”

This beautiful moment was captured in the video embedded below. Congratulations to both Jon and Cochleen.

We wish you a wonderful life running together!

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  • Charlie

    Wow! This was great…

  • We think to too! I love when the everyone points and the camera turns.

  • 9 years eh?

    No way is 9 years accurate. Either that or she’s got some ‘splaining to do!


  • Jon Sands (yes the one from the video)

    Hey guys just wanted to clear two things up….1)I saw a comment about “no way is 9 years accurate”, it is Cochil and I have been together since high school. 2) The so called “Brooks Gurus” are actually my student athletes from Elkton High School in Cecil County Maryland. Now Brooks did donate the blank signs and capture it all on video but the signs were decorated and held up by the kids…got to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to Brooks for helping us create a great memory and all those who enjoy the proposal.

  • Thanks Jon! Post updated.

  • Cochleen

    This post makes me smile! Thanks again Brooks! @ 9 years eh? Yep!! 9 years! We first started dating after seeing eachother at a track meet in high school… Now out of high school & college& well under way in our career paths it was The right time!! Our friends can’t believe it’s 9 years either! Haha