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Meet Brooks Inspiring Coaches Finalist Clint Shultz

High school: White Mountain School in White Mountain, Alaska

Number of years coaching: Three years

Accomplishments: Coached three state qualifiers, one individual regional winner, as well as won a regional team title for small school teams.

What makes Clint Shultz so inspiring?
As stated in his nomination, “not only does he coach, but he believes firmly in being involved as a runner in every practice, giving kids encouragement and inspiration, not only in his words, but in his actions as a runner himself.” Clint truly inspires everyone in his community to run and be active. He organizes the event Walk for Life, which is a statewide event to recognize community wellness and suicide prevention, plans a local cross country invitational for teams all over the region, and teaches martial arts to students of all ages. Although cross country is his favorite sport to coach, he dedicates his time coaching other sports to keep the students active throughout the year, so they can be ready for the next running season. This helps to maintain a love of healthy living among the youth of rural Alaska, which is critical for successful communities. One of the most inspiring stories about Clint is “during his first couple practices, students practiced in jeans and boots due to a lack of resources, but they still had the desire to become better athletes. Since that time, he will always provide students with his personal running gear and has fundraised to provide shoes and uniforms in order for them to be able to participate in daily practices and races.”

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