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Shorts Stories: Women’s Edition

Runner, soccer player, and resident Word Girl Diana Riggs sent us the lowdown on her favorite shorts.

Nothing defines spring more than a run outside in a great pair of Brooks shorts. And even though the weather up here in Seattle seems to have missed the memo about the season change, I defiantly continue to wear shorts in hopes of summoning the sun to lay its rays on my pale, white legs.

So if you’re like me, or you live somewhere that’s actually warm right now, let’s get you outfitted in some killer Brooks shorts. Here’s a great overview of some of my top picks for women.


The Glycerin Short is what I like to call my fancy shorts. With a nice, wide waistband that sits just below the hip, a straight leg cut, and super light stretch woven fabric, the overall fit has a blousy feel. I rock these shorts from races to more formal affairs, like royal weddings.

Epiphany Stretch

The Epiphany Stretch Short II is by far a favorite. You get great coverage with a nice scalloped cut that’s really flattering for many body types. This is definitely a go-to short for a sporty look and feel.

Versatile 5-inch Woven Short

For me, the Versatile 5” Woven Short is perfect when I want a little more length and a roomier fit to go long distances. And if you’re looking to spring-ify your fitness wardrobe, these come in a variety of look-at-me-as-I-run-happy colors.

Infiniti III

Infiniti III

The great thing about the Infiniti Short III is it’s geared toward competition and training runs. Plenty of pocket storage (that doesn’t get in the way), a tacked split side seam for really good range of motion, and incredibly lightweight fabric come together so you can run to infinity and beyond! Oh yes, the cheesiness doesn’t run short around here.

HVAC Synergy

When you need some serious temperature regulation, the HVAC Synergy Short lays the technology smack down on climate and moisture. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, which basically means these stealthy shorts keep you cool when you’re hot, warmer when you’re cool.

These are some of my faves, but check out the Women’s Shorts page to see all the options so you can get outside on a spring run (whether it’s arrived or not).

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