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Haiku Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winners receive a pair of Brooks shoes of their choice

Grand Prize Winners receive a pair of Brooks shoes of their choice

All I can say is wow. When we started this contest we thought we might get a hundred or so entries. Imagine our surprise when we received over 600 entries! Thanks to everyone who sent in poems or posted them on the blog — we loved your creativity!

Grand Prize Winners: receive a pair of Brooks shoes of their choice

It was really difficult to choose the 5 winners, but we loved how these incorporated a sense of nature to evoke the feeling of running:

First run without her
Pine needles lie like match sticks
Dusk chases me home
– Wesley Keller

soft flakes morning breaks
footfalls grace the sea of white
cold run warms the soul
– Rachel Weber

New shoes ache to run
through purple twilight soaked fields
but trapped in concrete
– Ariel H. Collis

crisp chill in the air
leaves crunching under my feet
harvest moon above
– Elizabeth McCoy

Rise up, move forward
Our feet run towards daylight
Each step greets the sun
– Andrew Matthewson

Runners Up: Receive a “Run Happy” T-Shirt

These 25 haiku were also really well liked — some were more classical, others simply funny, but we didn’t want these efforts to go unnoticed.

Brooks on, out the door
Stress leaves with each drop of sweat
Clear head. Happy heart
– Rachel Boren

“Fat.” “Slow.” “Weak.” “Worthless.”
I’ll outrun that voice inside-
You can’t catch me now.
– Sarah Bailey

the road unfolding
with my daughter at my side
this is why I run
– Steve Ryan

Pavement under foot…
Hearing my breath, my heartbeat,
My soul runs in bliss!
– Erin Young

Nature, my partner
The sunrise, my starting line
Nothing can stop me
– Marc Bergman

Leaves wander in wind
Bugs hum, sleepy sun, I run.
Nature cheers me on.
– Katie J. Lenz

Running clears my mind
Soothes my soul, relieves my stress
Peace and calm remain
– Sharon-Cindy Meister

before the sunrise
my breath rises to the moon
freedom on the road
– Seth La Tour

The bird in my chest
Blends melody and rhythm
Trail glides under feet.
– Contessa Sprague

Running to the sun
Body and mind soar through wind
The soul finds freedom
– Alisha Damrow

daybreak fog. mind sleeps.
feet awaken as surge of
Adrenaline calls.
– Stephanie Preston

I was winters’ slug
Feet longed for a taste of Spring
In my Brooks, I move
– Susanne Mrkvicka

Breathing heavily
Veins pumping lactic acid
Still five miles to go
– John Carr

Running is my time
More daylight, Extra minutes,
Bringing me back home
– Danette Lindeman

Significant run
Neighbor’s doberman was loose
really strong finish.
– Steve Spaeth

Sisyphian dread,
Never going anywhere.
Get off the treadmill!
– John Heil

Motivation lives,
in the heart of a runner.
Always move forward.
– Denise D. Riojas

autumn trees mark time
I am wind that free the leaves
boundless, floating home
– RJ Mallette

Passing rocks and roots,
Feet as fleet as birds in flight.
Breath for metronome.
– Laurie Carpenter

Hitting the pavement
Strides on clouds, thoughts drift away
Run to peace of mind
– Kelly Chandler

Dark clouds overhead
Too many obligations
My run, My retreat
– Debbie Mays

when you have to go
and the port-a-john lines blow
pee like a rock star
– Buddy Albro

Bird cacaphony
Planting feet in rhythmic flight
Soles light, soaring free
– Meryl Dykstra

Cherry blossoms bloom,
pavement pink as I run through
leaving Brooks footprints
– Megan Cline

Strides, quick turnover
Fluid motion, think nothing
Dawn cannot catch you.
– Nicole Eigbrett

Honorable Mentions: Receive a Run Happy T-Shirt

Finally, two of you had entries that really stood out.

Chris Quinn felt we should “embrace all forms of poetry, not just haiku!” and sent us a limerick:


Feet with a moderate pronation,
Need not be a source of frustration,
With a medial post,
The Ravenna can boast,
The plantar maintains its location.

“Just Allen” sent us not just a haiku, but a video with the haiku. Fantastic!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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  1. Disgruntled

    I think you picked too many haiku that mentioned birds and clouds and the scenery… you should have thought outside the box a bit more and awarded prizes to more people like Steve Spaeth and Buddy Albro. Those guys deserved to win!


  2. Bill

    i agree with disgruntled, too many clouds and stuff, I wrote about and incorporated the titles of your shoes, bummer, guess i will have to pay for my “addiction” to “adrenaline” since I am a “beast”

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