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Running Haiku Contest


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April is National Poetry Month, so we’re celebrating with a haiku contest. Simply write a haiku about running – what you love about it, how it makes you feel, how you Run Happy – and send it to us by April 22. We’ll pick our five favorite haiku and award a pair of Brooks shoes to the writers.

What’s a haiku? At its simplest, it’s a three-line poem with a 5-7-5 syllable count. But poet Isaac Cates from the University of Vermont has some additional tips:

A good traditional haiku is about more than the syllable count. The poem should evoke a single moment in time, and the images in the poem should be tied to the calendar of the seasons in a way that makes clear when it’s taking place in the natural cycle. The end effect of the poem should be a sort of moment of silence afterwards in which the reader goes “ah.”

Of course, there are also “joke” haiku in contemporary America that have nothing to do with being good haiku or good poems … I’m not sure how you feel about those!

Isaac, we’re pretty open-minded about haiku here – so humor is fine with us. Though we’re sticklers for 5-7-5.

In addition to a pair of Brooks shoes, the winning poets will be published on the Brooks Blog and hailed as heroes.

It’s easy to enter – just send your best haiku, along with your name, address, and shoe name, size, and color to runhappy@brooksrunning.com. But don’t wait too long for inspiration to strike – entries must be received no later than April 22, 2011.

misty morning run
silent but for the sound of
my Adrenalines

About Sunny
I'm a runner, writer, and traveler who loves running half marathons. I live in Seattle with my much faster husband and two rescue cats. I also have an inexplicable affection for otters.
  • Thanks for continuing the theme!! We had haiku competition at this year’s Coyote Two Moon Ultras — see the Results/Ruminations page of our website.

  • Running in the sun
    Loving my Brooks all day long
    I won’t take them off

  • Heavy feet on ground
    will keep this mack truck running
    a big dude can run

  • Running from the hive
    Blowing wind against my face
    My pollination time quickens pace

  • Run run run run run
    Race strong swift smooth fast winner
    Rest recover perfect

  • Gina Crosswhite

    Brooks Ghost, don’t be scared
    Brooks Ghost, lighter than air
    Run Happy, Boo – Boo!

  • Gina Crosswhite

    OOPS! Left out one word:

    Brooks Ghost, don’t be scared
    Brooks Ghost are lighter than air
    Run Happy, Boo-Boo!


  • Gina Crosswhite

    Wake up – rise and shine
    Lace your Brooks it’s time to fly
    Run Happy with me

  • Conor Hatchett Harris

    We don’t run away-
    We forefoot, heelstrike, conquer-
    Ours is earth- We run.

  • JR Newton

    I have the Beast on my feet
    I have the wind in my hair
    I believe I can fly!

  • Kristen Wood

    Feet and pavement meet
    Greet the tweet of birds on high
    Flying free as I

  • Michael Robertson

    My treads brush the road
    Swift strokes like oil on canvas
    I am Green Silence.

  • Faith Barbour

    First Seasonal Run
    Me, Road, Sky, Sun all alone
    Brooks Trance great escape

  • John Culver

    Night running is best
    I often zone out fully
    Then I think, headlights?

  • Andrew Scharff

    Pounding BROOKS hit road
    Body aches with each long stride
    Thankfully not feet!!!

  • maureen Hall

    Friends to My Feet

    Bouncy,fsst silent.
    Walking, running,jumping now.
    Friends to my feet BROOKS.
    Maureen Hall

  • Ari

    Pronaters unite
    Who says your shoes can’t be light?
    Ravenna, you rock

  • margo wolfe

    My Joints In Motion
    ADRENILINE pumping – it is spring.
    Light , bright , fun to run .

  • Tim

    You know what is neat?
    Bio Mo Go for my feet –
    A cushion-y treat!

  • Some folks run in rain
    Some get wet and then complain
    Me, I Run Happy!

  • Cindy Waters

    Early morning jogs,
    Along the Brooks or the Sea,
    My feet Run Happy!

  • Heather Auman

    Going the Distance
    Exhilarating feeling
    Believing in me

  • Mike Kirchner

    Pfff squeak, pfff squeak, breathe

    crisp, silent, odorless air.

    Exhale puffs of fog.

  • Mike Kirchner

    Pfff squeak, pfff squeak, breathe
    crisp, silent, odorless air.
    Exhale puffs of fog.

  • Meryl Dykstra

    Bird cacaphony
    Planting feet in rhythmic flight
    Soles light, soaring free

  • Sam Girvin

    Lungs burning, feet hurt.
    Vision blurring, closing in.
    Finish line, the end.

  • Jennifer ST Pierre

    There is no movement
    The air is still and silent,
    Then I start to run.

  • scott halet

    the air in my lungs
    the wind in my hair
    freedom born through my running

  • Sarah K

    Feet landing softly
    Snowflakes falling on my face
    Peaceful all around

  • Sheetal Kaura

    Along the lakefront
    Just me, my breath, and my stride
    A feeling cherished

  • Ray Pedro

    Breathing slow and deep
    Letting go of the clutter
    With an evening run

  • Jennifer Watson

    Feet moving forward
    Everything is behind me
    Breathing remains calm.

  • deb c

    Peace of mind
    Brooks on my feet
    Reaching goals.

  • Willie

    Hot Sun:

    Cool beads of Sweat.
    I run for Joy
    I finish for victory
    and a pair of Brooks.

    Willie Dunn
    8502 16th St.
    Silver Spring, MD 20910
    10 1/2/
    Black and White

  • deb c

    Brooks worn on my feet
    Running Striving Reaching Goals
    Clear Head Peace of Mind

  • Leah

    Breezes on my face
    Running to calm mind and soul
    There are no limits

  • Sara

    A petite girl runs
    with unfeigned heart, up a hill
    The wind cools her brow

  • Greg

    Pounding the pavement
    Step by step, listen to it
    Music to my ears

  • Steve H

    On the Katy Trail
    With my new blue Ravennas
    And dust on my heels

  • Greg

    Pounding the pavement
    Step by step, rhythm is found
    Music to my ears

  • Aaron B

    Spring into training
    Racing in Summer? Don’t Fall!
    Run from Winter blues

  • Danny Naylor

    Pebble underfoot
    applies pressure to my sole;
    pressure to my soul.

  • Danny Naylor

    “Brooks DNA”

    Ghost, Adrenaline, Glyc’rin
    Trance, Cascadia

  • Running is my peace
    Slow,fast,hard and easy
    Each step just for me

  • Donna Shultz

    Huffing and puffing
    legs eating up the long miles
    to a healthy life.

  • Jennifer Fisher

    Slip on Glycerins,
    Slacking cells pick up the pace,
    See the finish – sweet!

  • Ben

    Sunrise mountain breeze
    Just me, the trail, and the trees
    Running to the sea

  • Robert M

    Run hard and turn left
    End up right where you started
    God, I love this sport

  • Jacqi M.

    leave baby with dad
    tie cushy brooks onto feet
    slip away in peace

  • Michelle D.

    running from the fear
    toward the future and the light
    destiny awaits

  • JasonWilliams

    I run far and fast.
    I am happy with the run.
    Running likes me too

  • Tric

    running in the rain
    dripping from my ponytail
    my soul is refreshed

  • Karin

    Feet surging forward
    Faster pace push on further
    Personal record

  • heidi

    Running helps me cope
    It cheers me when I’m bumming
    Running is my shrink

  • Matt

    I lace up my shoes
    and pause from my face-paced life
    to travel the trails

  • Heidi

    Take my money, take
    everything I own, but don’t
    take my Addictions

  • dennis

    As tree’s green return
    Pounding Pavement as Lungs burn.
    Spring gifts of running

  • Cindy Waters

    Seattle seasons.
    All are beautiful and green.
    Begging me to run.

  • Mike Stoller

    No Tiger Blood, Bro
    No Adonis DNA
    Just my Brooks, Winning!

  • John

    Breathing heavily
    Veins pumping lactic acid
    Still five miles to go

  • Neal

    gas prices soaring
    save your money, save the Earth
    running everywhere

  • Paula Anderson

    Fierce morning spring wind-
    Body and mind Screaming, Run!
    Passion I live For-

  • Del Emory

    They sweep away time
    Wind, rain, ice, earth, moon, and sun
    Fleeting feet escape

  • What was I thinking
    was it eighteen weeks ago
    twenty six point two!

  • Roxanna Jauregui

    First 5k self talk
    I don’t want to finish last
    steady pace, don’t fall!

  • Mary Arzate

    If I run in Brooks
    I have no excuses to
    lace up my shoeses

  • Inhale, exhale, crunch
    The sound of leaves under foot
    Running is living

  • Joe

    Roses will be red
    And violets will be blue
    Brook has the best shoes

  • Zack

    Opposition has found me
    My body flowing, is trying to kill me
    This is my escape, it is me

  • Early morning run
    Hill constantly striking ground
    Motion rhythm breath and pound!

  • Evan Mickey

    Light steps on the ground
    The morning mist floats with me
    Just me and the road

  • Cheryl Evans

    pitter patter steps
    quickly approaching fun
    join me for a run

  • Peter

    Take it to the street
    Like your life depends on it
    Someday it just might

  • Scott

    I run ’cause I can.
    The freedom? Empowering.
    Bound. Dash. Bolt. Run. Fly!

  • Karen

    I run, therefore am
    Never more alive than now
    Rotating with Earth

  • Karen

    Lace up to lift off
    In defying gravity
    Elevate your sole

  • j the teacher

    Ariel’s in a Trance
    Summon Ghosts, Beasts and Dyads
    Sprint in Green Silence

    (did ya notice I used the names of Brooks Running Shoes…)

  • Chris Quinones

    Wife is a masochist
    She is happy and proud
    running takes toenails

  • Gisele Phipps

    April will send its rains
    Brooks Addictions won’t fail me
    I splash with a smile

  • David McKinley

    Slap, slap, shoes speaking
    As the world rushes at me
    Worries forgotten

  • Stacey Dunn

    First steps on his own
    Sitting, crawling, standing, Run!
    First steps, there he goes

  • Del Doughty

    That pile of old shoes
    in my closet really needs
    to go . . . but which ones?

  • Rachel

    Brooks on, out the door
    Worries fade, new perspective
    Hello endorphines

  • Rachel

    Race day, here I go
    Focus and strength, give it my all
    Legs are noodled, ahh……

  • Rachel

    Race day, here I go
    Focus, strength, give it my all
    Legs are noodled, ahh……

  • Running through the trails
    My heart begins to settle
    This is why I run.

  • Deep in the woods, far
    from bathroom, I hear a rum-
    ble. Find large green leaves

  • Casey

    Road or trail seeking
    Clear head, strong legs, happy feet
    Give me confidence

  • Casey

    Winning the lotto
    one million dollars rich
    Runners high, priceless

  • Thanks to everyone who entered! We’ve published the winners, runners up, and honorable mentions in a new blog post.

  • judith bingyou

    How will we know the winners? I submitted 3 wonderful haikus and am hoping to win!!